Title III Grant – Strengthening Institutions

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Coordinator Position Description

Dr. Glena Temple, Vice President for Academic Affairs, will serve as the Title III Coordinator.

This position is responsible for the implementation and oversight of the proposed project, and will lead all project initiatives, budgets, and staff.  This position reports directly to the President.

Position responsibilities:

  • Serve as the liaison to the Department of Education Title III officials
  • Provide overall leadership for the project and activities
  • Report progress to the President and the Cabinet
  • Monitor project progress and ongoing collection of data for formative and summative evaluation
  • Facilitate institutionalization of activities and ongoing budget
  • Manage the budget, ensuring expenditures are in compliance with federal regulations and project objectives
  • Lead grant steering committee meetings to provide oversight and suggestions to meet grant objectives
  • Approve and disseminate progress reports college-wide
  • Lead ongoing review of data collection and reporting systems for grant activities