Theological Foundations of Franciscan Leadership


Franciscan Leadership is a course designed to prepare students to be sound Christian leaders in the world. The Franciscan leader is defined as one who leads as Francis did, whose model for leadership was Jesus Christ in the gospels. Leading by selflessly serving others, as both Francis and Jesus did, distinguishes the Franciscan leader from the person who leads because of a desire to acquire power or some other advantage over others. The course will use scriptural understandings of leadership, and the writings of Francis and the Franciscans, to show a distinctive kind of selfless leadership. Students will find that there is much overlap between a scriptural approach to the leadership of Jesus, and leadership lived out by Francis and modern-day Franciscans. Concepts that students will come away with include: leadership as service; the common good; acceptance and empathy; moral leadership; community. Prerequisites: 160, 342, or VUSM-120. IFP




Religious Studies