peace and harmony

The Dahl School of Business offers a Bachelors of Business Administration degree with a major in sustainable management. During the past few years, sustainability has taken a main stage among businesses across the globe. Organizations are implementing sustainability practices for a host of reasons depending on the industries and geographies in which they operate. These practices—aimed at integrating social, environmental, and economic considerations toward the wise use of resources for current and future generations—are positive steps toward building a better world. Society clearly benefits from organizations practicing sustainable business. So do employees and shareholders.

As many companies have learned, embedding sustainability practices across the organization improves social and environmental capital as well as long-term revenue growth and profitability. The Dahl School of Business firmly believes that organizations that commit to considering social, environmental and economic issues in their planning today, will be among those that are still operating successfully many years from now. Our sustainable management program, and its exciting courses, will prepare you for a variety of rewarding career choices. You will not only make a good living, but live a good life.




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