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This is an interdisciplinary program in the School of Humanities. It includes a common course core that integrates social, environmental, and economic considerations toward the wise use of human and natural resources for more sustainable business and living. The goal of the major is to bring together courses that prepare students for sustainability related work in nonprofits, business and industry, government, entrepreneur careers, or graduate studies. Students chose between:

  • B.S. degree with an emphasis on science requirements related to ecology and conservation
  • B.A. degree that builds on the humanities including language, ethics, and literature for educating others about more sustainable life practices.

All students select a minor other than environmental studies that complements their major coursework and personal career interests. All majors participate in a capstone internship or research project in sustainability. This capstone practical experience in sustainability can be tailored to the student's career interests, providing hand-on experience and connections in the community of sustainability professionals. 

For more information contact:
Lucy Slinger, FSPA
Sustainability Degree Program Coordinator

608-797- 5369

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