Sustainability Programs at Viterbo University

The future of the U.S. and the world depends on the wise and sustainable use of the planet’s resources. Sustainability is a quickly growing discipline integrating societal and environmental, as well as economic, considerations to promote practices that will ensure resources for future generations.

Viterbo offers three interdisciplinary programs in this critically important field of study. 

Environmental Sustainability (B.A. or B.S.) 

The environmental sustainability majors are interdisciplinary areas of study with either a humanities or science emphasis.  Both prepare students for graduate specialization studies or entry-level leadership sustainability related positions in profit or nonprofit, government, or private organizations. A capstone internship culminates a program where the local, national and global environmental theoretical and practical knowledge are integrated with hands-on experiences. For more information visit

The humanities emphasis (B.A.) prepares community change agent leaders with courses in public policy, communication skills, strategic change, social management, environmental ethics, and issue analysis that emphasize the practical considerations for local, national, and global sustainable strategic change.

The science emphasis (B.S.) prepares natural resource conservatists with a solid foundation in science, public policy, environmental ethics, and natural resource management issue identification and resolution practices for local, national, and global sustainability practices.

Sustainable Management (B.B.A)

The sustainable management major focuses primarily on the business sector to incorporate sustainability and sound leadership principles into business operations at a local and global level to meet future needs. For more information visit

 Sustainability 3P's