Superintendent Licensure Program Course Descriptions


EDUL 700 Superintendent 1, Credits 3 

This is an introductory course that integrates concepts that will also continue in the Superintendent II class.  The Superintendent l class will focus on both theory and application as it relates to key concepts of; organizational theories, personal and shared vision, continuous school improvement, main focus of the superintendent and personnel improvement.

EDUL 701 Superintendent II, Credits 3  

This is the second class of the theory and application sequence with Superintendent 1 (801) being the first.  This class will continue the development of theories and application as it relates to the following concepts;  role of superintendent and school board, allocating resources to support student learning, and communication strategies and skills that are used to inform stakeholders.

EDUL 702 Superintendent Current and Legal  Issues, Credits 3 

Emphasis is placed on current and relevant issues that are part of the day to day superintendent position.  This also includes key legal issues that the superintendent needs information and resources to deal with.  Concepts that will be covered in this class include; support systems to use for professional growth/ current issues/legal updates, legal issues and students, special programs, local/state/national trends, civil and legal liability, conducting a school board meeting.

ETHL 531 Interpersonal and Organizational Excellence I (Ethical Leadership), Credits 3 

This is the first of two classes in ethics that will assist the Superintendent in exploring their own ethical approach to administration along with current research on ethical decision making.  Concepts that will be reinforced include; power of reflection, understanding culture, leadership models, personal leadership evaluation, strategic planning, collaboration, follower and leader, values and virtues.

ETHL 532 Interpersonal and Organizational Excellence II (Ethical Leadership), Credits 3 

This is the second class of the ethical leadership series for the Superintendent.  The class will continue to build upon the concepts that are important to be an effective Superintendent.   Key concepts that will be covered in this class will be; developing leadership in others, celebrating organizational life, diversity, servant leadership, and sustaining effective leadership. 

EDUL 771 Superintendent Practicum, Credits 3 

The practicum course is the application framework of the program.  Each aspiring superintendent is assigned a mentor (Superintendent) to assist them over a full year of practical and relevant experiences.  Each of the WAS standards has a list of potential activities which the candidate must choose at least three activities to perform/experience.  At the conclusion of the practicum the student will prepare a Practicum Portfolio that will incorporate the candidates reflection on each of the WAS standards and the activities.  (200 hours)

EDUL 661 Superintendent School Business Office /Management, Credits 3 

The focus of this class will be on the financial aspects of the school district that related to both short and long term planning.  Key concepts that will be covered in the class will be; purchasing systems, developing the district budget, accounting/auditing/and financial reporting, cash/debt/and investments, payroll/compensation and indicators of a financially healthy district.

EDUL 704 Superintendent and Collaborative Leadership for Learning - CIA, Credits 3 

This class focuses on the heart and soul of student learning.  The course will cover concepts that relate to the development and evaluation of curriculum, instruction and assessment.   Best practice research will be covered that will include the following key concepts;  learning principles, classroom instruction, curriculum mapping, components of curriculum development, curriculum alignment, assessment and evaluation tools, continuous curriculum improvement, the state of American education.