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Wired to the World

 Viterbo University students no longer have to worry about staying in their dorm rooms when they need to log onto the Internet for research. V-Hawk Court has become the site of one of the Coulee Region’s first permanently installed stations that provides outdoor Internet access. Students can now check class assignments, send email, or connect to the web by plugging into any of the 16 ports conveniently located at picnic-style tables. Above, international student Ama Awuah-Asamoah (left) and President William J. Medland recently logged on using these ports. The new technology was demonstrated to members of the media and campus community in late May. Later, in nearby Viterbo Court, Medland demonstrated Viterbo’s next technological offering—outdoor wireless service. Viterbo Court is a test site for the wireless service, which allows Internet access that doesn’t require port connection. Instead, users purchase a smart card that is inserted into their computer’s disk drive and allows them to log onto the Internet in any area that is set up for wireless service. This new technology will be prevalent in Viterbo’s new Center for Ethics, Science, & Technology, which is scheduled for groundbreaking in 2002.