Why study sport management and leadership at Viterbo University?

Ethics, corporate social responsibility, sustainability, communication, and teamwork. These phrases sum up the focus of Viterbo's business programs.  Each of the majors offered through the Dahl School of Business emphasize these five things. Why? Because employers continually tell us these are important to them, and because they are important to us.  Skills in these five areas lead our students not only to making a good living, but to live a good life. 

SML6Unlike other schools that teach exercise physiology and throw in a little business, Viterbo's SPML major strongly emphasizes the business side of sport.  The SPML major at Viterbo University builds solid business and leadership skills on top of a strong foundation of liberal arts courses. Students couple nine specialized courses in sport management and leadership with a strong mix of business and liberal arts courses centered on sports.  The result is a well-rounded, sport business leader with a Bachelor of Business Administration who knows how to deal with people and the sport industry -- exactly what employers and/or graduate programs are looking for!  Also, Viterbo students wanting to get their MBA degree can do so in only one additional year if they meet the the requirements of Viterbo's BBA/MBA 4+1 program.  

Furthermore, Vitebo University has the perfect environment to study Sport Management and Leadership.  Its Amie L. Mathy Center for Recreation and Education provides SPML students a fully equipped, modern learning environment that is a national model of collaboration between a university and local non-profit sport facility.  The Mathy Center is a joint project between Viterbo University and the Boys and Girls Club of the Greater La Crosse Area and is one of the first of its kind in the nation to combine assets and strengths of both organizations. Viterbo's athletic teams have superb facilties which also create many opportunities for students to get hands on experience in the Sport Management and Leadership program.