Program Goals 

Viterbo's Sport Management & Leadership program has the following eight goals for its graduates:

  1. Socio-Cultural: Students will understand that sport is a microcosm of life, and that sport managers are influenced by cultural traditions, social values, and psychosocial experiences.
  2. Management and Leadership: Students will understand and appreciate various theories of management and leadership as they relate to the sport industry.
  3. Ethics: Students will be able to analyze ethical issues related to sport and develop a personal philosophy regarding social responsibility in the sport management setting.
  4. Marketing: Students will apply fundamental marketing concepts to the sport industry and understand the sport and leisure markets.
  5. Communication: Students will comprehend the principles internal and external communication relating to the sport and leisure industries.
  6. Budget and Finance: Students will comprehend the critical financing and budget components of the sport and leisure industries.
  7. Legal Environment. Students will understand legal concepts in as they relate to the sport management and leadership environment.
  8. Economics: Students understand how the sport and leisure industries fit into local, regional, and national economies.
  9. Governance: Students will understand the various agencies that govern sport, including their authority, organizational structure, and functions.