Why study sustainable management at Viterbo University?


  • Viterbo's Values: In keeping with its Franciscan tradition, Viterbo University has long considered its social, environmental, and economic impact. One of Viterbo's longstanding core values is stewardship - the careful use of resources to ensure availability for future generations to enjoy.
  • Our 4+1 MBA: Motivated students in the Dahl School of Business can complete their undergraduate degree in sustainable management and their MBA emphasizing sustainability in a total of only five years. By taking graduate classes during their final year of undergraduate  work, students save time and up to 30% of their graduate tuition cost.  
  • The Interdisciplinary Nature: Viterbo’s sustainable business major draws from a number of fields (business, natural sciences, social sciences) to help you gain a broad understanding that prepares you to build profitability while restoring natural systems and promoting healthy communities.
  • The Institute for Ethics in Leadership: Viterbo’s D.B. Reinhart Institute for Ethics in Leadership creates many opportunities for students to expand their thinking and be inspired to further the common good in organizations and communities.
  • The Mission of the Dahl School of Business: As a student in the Dahl School of Business, you are part of a culture that truly believes that business can be a tool for positive change in the world. Our professors value and respect every student and go the extra mile to make a difference in our students’ lives, so they can make a difference in the world!
  • Our Active Students: The Dahl School of Business’ largest student organization – our Students in Free Enterprise chapter – focuses on promoting sustainable business practices in our community.  From consulting on “green” business practices for local businesses to developing and implementing programs to ensure safety in the community, these students are engaged in activities that strengthen businesses, our communities, and their resumes!
  • The Center For Sustainable Business: Located within our Dahl School of Business, the Center for Sustainable Business is a community educational and consulting resource for businesses and non-profit organizations interested in sustainable practices.