The mission of the sustainable management major is to prepare each student to employ core sustainability principles and practices to effectively manage businesses toward the common good of the organization and the community. Upon completion of the program, learners are equipped and motivated to make meaningful contributions toward business sustainability, with a focus on making decisions and taking actions that are socially responsible, fiscally responsive, and environmentally sound.


The goal of the sustainable management major is to prepare learners in the sustainability and business core curriculum with a special focus on integrating knowledge, skills, and abilities to prepare learners to contribute to the management of business sustainability.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Knowledge: An understanding of the interdisciplinary conceptual and theoretical elements of sustainability, and its practices, processes, methods and measurements.
  • Critical Thinking: Demonstrate an ability to work and think within complexity, demonstrate ethical decision making, and the ability to reflect on knowledge, values and commitment through a variety of disciplines or perspectives.
  • Managing Information: Explore, develop and apply information necessary to sustainable management practices, processes, methods and measurements to practical applications.
  • Communication: Articulate and possess knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to contribute to and communicate with individuals from diverse perspectives or backgrounds in a collaborative manner on sustainable policies, legislation, innovations and ideologies.
  • Values and Attitudes: Possess and understand the values and attitudes necessary to contribute to, and lead the integration of sustainable management and practices into organizations including responsible citizens and community members.