New for Fall 2009 - Communication Studies Major

Communication studies focus on how people construct, use, and interpret messages across multiple channels and types of media to inform, persuade, manage, relate, and influence each other within and across social contexts and cultures. Communication majors hone skills in such areas as oral and visual competencies, organizational systems, and media applications and there is considerable emphasis on developing conceptual understandings that give students an edge in not just using communication but in shaping communicative practices and future possibilities. Because the interdisciplinary nature of the degree and level of cooperation across English, Business, Sociology, Fine Arts, and Psychology, Viterbo students  will have a richness often lacking in some more traditional communication degrees. Students may choose one of two concentrations in visual communication or organizational communication.

Communication Studies:  Organizational Communication (B.S.) degree will be offered jointly between the School of Letters and Sciences and the Dahl School of Business 

Course requirements for the Organizational Communication degree: file.

Communication Studies:  Visual Communication (B.S). will be offered jointly between the School of Letters and Sciences and the School of Fine Arts 

Course requirements for the Visual Communication degree:  file.

Visual Communication Major Description
(Downloadable documents: Visual Communication MajorCommunication Design emphasisDigital Media emphasis)

Media permeates our social fabric. There is an ever growing relationship between technology and society. Emerging digital technologies are revolutionizing the way we communicate and function as a culture, impacting all aspects of our lives. We use emerging media to communicate, coordinate, advertise, conduct business, train, and entertain. The Visual Communications program at Viterbo University is grounded in a strong liberal arts tradition, but prepared for the 21st century.

The Visual Communication program prepares students for the rapidly evolving communication needs of industry and society by providing a diverse educational experience within a professional context. The foundations of the discipline are based on communication theory, design methodology and media applications that integrate environmental and human factors with aesthetics and technology. It is an interdisciplinary program that integrates research, analysis, strategy, concept, design and production of distinctive visual solutions to communications challenges across a broad range of print and screen-based media.

Students are encouraged to develop innovative visual concepts that convey information and articulate ideas that inform or persuade an intended audience. The curriculum includes studies in communication theory, concept development, design and composition, media applications, marketing principles, psycho/social factors and information technology. Projects are designed to provide students with challenging encounters with creative problem solving.

The Visual Communication program advances knowledge and skills needed for future employment in graphic design, illustration, publication design, advertising design, corporate identity, packaging design, interactive design, animation and video production. The hands on learning that takes place at Viterbo ensures that students will have the necessary technical skills to compete in a digital world. Simply understanding the technology isn’t enough to make you successful in this highly competitive field. Having the creative insight, aesthetic sensibility, and social context elevate Visual Communication graduates over their peers. 

There are two emphases in the Visual Communication major; Communication Design and Digital Media. For more info about the Communication Design emphasis, contact Vee Luz at 608.796.3752 or For more information about the Digital Media emphasis, contact Jeff Nyseth at 60.8.796.3758 or

For more information regarding Communication Studies contact:

Dr. Glena Temple, Dean of the School of Letters and Sciences,, 608-796-3393

Jared Manske, Admissions Counselor,, 608-796-3016

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