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VU ResHall FYE
(Viterbo University Residence Hall First Year Experience)


Application 2014 - 2015

Your response to these questions will be an important factor in determining your acceptance into the VU ResHall FYE.  We are primarily looking for individuals who have a commitment to interacting with other first-year students and participating gin experiences designed to help with the transition to Viterbo University.

Full Name (First, Middle, Last):  

Preferred Name: 

Intended Major (or Undeclared):  

Home street address  




Email to contact you:  

Phone number to contact you:  

High School GPA:

Best ACT/SAT score in one sitting:  


Please answer the following questions:

What do you hope to accomplish during your first year at Viterbo University?


What do you hope to gain by participating in this opportunity?


What concerns do you have about college?


What do we need to know about you as a student that would help us make your classroom and academic experience the best it can be?


What extra-curricular and leadership activities were you involved in during high school?  What did you gain from those experiences?