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Submit a concern to Student Government Association

Students interested in expressing a concern related to student life at Viterbo may do so by completing this form. 

The more information you leave us on concerns, the more completely we will be able to respond to you.

If you prefer to leave a concern anonymously, you may do so.  However, providing more information about the issue will help us address it more effectively. If you would like a response, please include your name and email address.  If we do not have this information, we have no one to contact with questions and no specifics about the situation.

Thank you for submitting your concern to the Student Government Association.  




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Frequently Asked Questions


1) Students are loud even after quiet hours

The best way to address the issue is to either a) speak to your R.A. about it
immediately, or b) call the R.A. on duty and ask them to check out the
situation. You may do this anonymously, which may make you more comfortable
than discussing it with your R.A. If the problem continues without your R.A.
addressing it, you can should go to your Community Coordinator or the Director
Of Residence Life with the details.


1) The weekend food is never as fresh or abundant as during the week.

For a quicker response on this matter than SGA can provide, use the Comments
and Suggestions box placed near the cafeteria entrance. When you fill out the
form, provide as much information as possible. The Aramark staff is known for
flexibility and working to address student concerns.

2) The unused meals do not carry over from week to week.

You are correct. You cannot skip meals one week and eat them the next week or
month. This allows the cafeteria to plan number of meals more accurately.

Try to plan ahead to fit in all of your meals in a week. Otherwise, you are
given a chance to change your meal plan to fewer meals per week in the
beginning of each semester. Also, the flex plans allow you to use your meals
anytime throughout the school year.

3) Everyone living on campus is required to eat on-campus.

Requiring a meal plan of all resident students keeps the price per person down.
As with insurance, the more subscribers, the cheaper the payments. To offer the
convenience of dining on campus and to provide affordable meals, all students
living on campus are required to subscribe to a meal plan. 


1) Off-campus students should have access to the Student Union

We could not agree more! With our recent updates to the Union, we would like as
many students to utilize it as possible. Students living off-campus have access
to the Student Union when the building is open. If you are an off-campus
student and would like access to the Union during evening hours and on the
weekend, just stop by the Physical Plant during their open hours and request


1) The computers are always dirty.

Each computer lab should be equipped with hand sanitizer. If there are none or
if a computer is particularly dirty, please contact the Help Desk at extension

2) Campus computers load slowly

The IIT department is constantly updating the computers around campus to ensure
that they remain running at comfortable speeds. Although they may not run as
fast as your personal computers at home, they should be useable. If you notice
a computer is particularly slow, please let the IIT Department know so that
they can address the issue in a timely fashion.

3) Why can’t I save my documents to school computers if it’s my account?

There simply is not enough hard drive space in each computer in order to save
each person’s documents on each computer. Also, the IIT department does not
want to have to choose whose documents to erase first in the situation that the
hard drive space becomes too limited. Please bring a flash drive or email
yourself documents that you intend to keep and need handy around campus. Flash
drives are sold at the front desk of the library.