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Migration from Ektron to Drupal is entering the final phase well ahead of schedule. At this time, it is expected that the full transition will be complete in 3–4 weeks. Publisher training to edit on the new Drupal website will be offered beginning this week. Watch My VU for opportunities to sign up...
Post date: Friday, January 9, 2015 - 16:36
The student must grant the parent(s)/spouse/other desired person(s) access to the Parent Portal. If you do not know your login information go to, or call 608-796-3870. For the student granting access to academic/financial information: Go...
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Instruction sessions are an effective way to help faculty and students with any part of the research process: In-person classes: Schedule a library tour, a session in the library's instruction lab (room 238), or have a librarian visit your classroom. Online classes: Librarians can instruct...
Cariann (Cari) Mathwig Ramseier
Instructional Designer

 MRC 246
Vicke Denniston
Instructional Support and Design Specialist

 MRC 249
Printing Posters Use the Online Poster Form to submit your poster request. poster_creating_and_printing_guidelines.pdf Cost is going to vary from $5 up to $25+. Minimum one day notice for printing posters. Laminating Posters Indicate on the Poster form if you want the poster laminated. Cost for...
Q. What caused you to initially approach the library with a request for library instruction? A. My freshman composition courses all align with the core curriculum’s information fluency outcome. As a result, my students are required to learn how to find, evaluate and integrate college-level sources...
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is authorized to provide online instruction: Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Delaware District of Columbia Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Louisiana Maine Maryland Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey...
Instruction and orientation sessions are a popular way to help faculty and students with any part of the research process. In-person and online sessions are available. Appointments for individualized help are also available. The library talked with Deb Murray, Master of Science in Mental Health...
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NURSES Visit Event February 17
Learn more and register for the NURSES Visit Event on February 17, 2018! The School of Nursing at Viterbo University is excited to announce NURSES: "Nursing for Underserved Rural Students Seeking Educational Success." Through the NURSES program, eligible students may qualify for scholarships,...
Cindy Goede

 MRC 516
Michelle Pinzl
Assistant Professor/Coordinator: Community Interpreting Certificate

 MRC 525

Abstract Submission Form

Easels and boards will be provided. You must bring your own mounting pins. One presenter must be at least a baccalaureate prepared Registered Nurse. For questions regarding submission, contact Mary Ellen Stolder at 608-796-3625 or email .

Fall Training 2015 Evaluation

Please rate each training session on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being of little value and 5 being very valuable to you. If you were not present, please choose NA. There is also space available for comments on each day. Please be honest with your feedback so we can continue to improve training!
Aaron Larson
Server Administrator

 608 796-3880
 MRC 504A
Neil Rouse
Assistant Director

 MRC 504C
 Help Desk

 MRC 301
Sarah Bearbower

 MRC 506