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Registration and abstract submission for the 2017 Seven Rivers Undergraduate Research Symposium is now available. This year’s 15th annual symposium will be held Friday, Nov. 10 from 9 a.m.–4:30 p.m. Click for the registration form . Even if you don’t plan to present research, a registration form...
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Nursing Research on the Green 2015 Abstract Rosemarie Hoff, DNP, RN, CNE; Jennifer Poelma, RN; Camilla Jaekel, PhD, RN; Kathleen Graham, MS, RN, CNS; Terri Pedace, RN; Heidi Rekow, RN; Janice Hutchens, MSN, RN; Kandi Holt, RN; Renee Muellenberg, RN; Cherie Davenport, MS, RN; Borislav Yankov, RN;...
Nursing Research on the Green 2015 Abstract Beth M. Krage, MSN, RN, CNL and Melissa Miller BSN, RN, Interactive Patient Education Nurse – Gundersen Health System Background: A unit based approach at increasing GetWell Network (GWN) usage by engaging nursing staff and patients. The Orthopaedic Unit...
Nursing Research on the Green 2015 Abstract Libbie Nyarangi, BSN, RN; Jennifer Mattingley, MD; Krystal Patros; Amy Topel, MBA – Gundersen Health System Background: Over half of lung cancer cases are diagnosed in later stages when the five-year survival rate is only 4%. When lung cancer is diagnosed...


Friday, Nov. 10, 9:00 am to 4:30 pm, 2017
Nursing Research on the Green 2015 Abstract Megan Smith, MSN, RN, CNE – Viterbo University Background: As students enter the milieu of baccalaureate nursing education there is a common understanding of the importance of theory, embedded with practical skills nurses are required to have in order to...
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Enrollment Statistics Find more Viterbo institutional data on the Institutional Research Web page. Fall 2017 Enrollment at a Glance Summary of Minors Summary of Majors Summary of Graduate Programs Spring 2017 Enrollment at a Glance Summary of Undergraduate Majors Summary of Undergraduate Minors...
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Submissions for Undergraduate Students Return to About the Viterbo Research Collection The Viterbo Research Collection accepts scholarship projects from the Seven Rivers Undergraduate Research Symposium , Scholars' Day , and other select works by invitation. Students interested in depositing their...
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Nursing Research on the Green 2017 Abstract Maggie Christie, Student Nurse; Alexandra Burch, Student Nurse; and Susan Zeller, DNP, APRN, CNP; professor/project advisor – Winona State University Background: It seems that every time one turns on the news, goes online, or opens a newspaper there is a...
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By Jason Skoog The Viterbo Research Collection (VRC) showcases and expands access to valuable contributions to scholarly content produced at Viterbo University. The collection is accessible to everyone. Research in the collection currently includes graduate scholarship and selected undergraduate...
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