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Wednesday, Oct. 23, 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm, 2013


Saturday, Feb. 8, 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm, 2014


Saturday, Feb. 8, 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm, 2014
Free and open to the public.


Monday, Mar. 24, 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm, 2014
Daily individual prayer; nightly community prayer activities; includes four meetings with a spiritual director and supper with the Sisters at St. Rose Convent. Total cost $10. Register by Sept. 17 at or or in person; campus ministry; Murphy Center room 340...


Thursday, Oct. 2, 7:00 pm, 2014 to Friday, Oct. 3, 7:00 pm, 2014
Monday, Dec. 15 9:30 a.m. Timecards are due in the business office Winter Group Fitness Begins Grades for the Fall 2014 term must be submitted in VitNet no later than Tuesday, Dec. 16 at noon. There are many processes dependent on all grades being finalized in the system. Any late grades will delay...
Betsy Brzowsky
Office Clerk/Cashier

 MRC 214
Lorie Michaels
Office Clerk

 MRC 214
Kevin Ganther
Director; Student Billing/Accounts Receivable

 MRC 214
Eugene Alberts
Assistant Vice President; Finance

 MRC 214
Michele Flaten
Accounts Payable Coordinator

 MRC 214
Diane Engh
Payroll Coordinator

 MRC 201
Feb. 24, 2014 Contact Rick Kyte at 608-796-3704 or BUSINESS EXPERT JAMES HUNTER TO PRESENT “SERVANT LEADERSHIP” AT VITERBO UNIVERSITY MARCH 13 LA CROSSE, Wis. – Business expert and renowned speaker James Hunter will present “Servant Leadership” at Viterbo University from 8:30–10:...
Jan. 15, 2014 Contact Rick Kyte at 608-796-3704 or CORNELL UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR JIM DETERT TO GIVE BUSINESS ETHICS PRESENTATION AT VITERBO UNIVERSITY JAN. 21 LA CROSSE, Wis. – Jim Detert, associate professor in the Johnson School of Management at Cornell University, will present...
ethics institute
Former Northern Engraving exec talks about business, ethics By STEVE CAHALAN | The La Crosse Tribune Charles Gelatt learned a lot about business from his father, and later learned many lessons as president of Northern Engraving Corp., the retired businessman said Tuesday at Viterbo University...
Internships—Dahl is the only B-School that guarantees all business students a PAID internship or field practicum! An internship provides an opportunity for students to gain work experience related to their academic major or career field, explore career options while in school, and earn academic...
Register ...serving...connecting...leading The Dahl School of Business' Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership (CNL) offers you the tools to be a more effective nonprofit partner and opens the opportunity for you to be a more valuable contributor in your community. Through real-world case studies,...
New students worked in the Enactus and Boys and Girls Club garden during the service portion of Orientation Weekend Aug. 26. Pam Dixon, business, led the group. More than 350 students did community service in the La Crosse area.
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Tina Johns

 MRC 335
Thue Xiong
Campus Safety Officer (pt)