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Kristi Paulsen
Qualified Training Therapist

 SDC 6
Tuesday, April 11, 2017 from 2–6 p.m. Amie L. Mathy Center on the Viterbo Campus Health Services would like to invite the Viterbo and La Crosse community to the annual Viterbo University Health Fair. Parking for the Community Health Fair will be on 8th Street between Market and Mississippi St...
Chase Thomson
Head Track and Field Coach

 AMC 125
Departmental Goals The primary goals of the Mathematics Department are to provide students with a sound understanding of basic mathematical concepts, principles, and processes, and to develop within students attitudes and skills needed for lifelong learning. Students will learn to pose and solve...
If you, or someone you know, has experienced sexual misconduct please consider the following information as a means to recovery. Below are sections for survivors, friends, and faculty and staff. Whether you are a survivor or helping a survivor remember the following things: Sexual assault is a...
Paul Kovacovic
Visiting Assistant Professor

 FAC 423
Brian Rotty
Instructor (pt)

 BRC 219
Carol Hines
Assistant Professor

 MRC 443
Emily Schiavone
Assistant Professor

 RCE 019
Anthony (Tony) Michel
Assistant Professor

 MRC 528
Cameron Kiersch
Assistant Professor

 NRC 407
Barbara (Bobbi) Schamberger
Assistant Professor

 NRC 516
Kristin Roslansky
Assistant Professor

 NRC 517
Thue Xiong
Campus Safety Officer (pt)

Michelle Wolf
Assistant Professor

 NRC 424
Brianne Sanford

 RCE 305
Kendra Bringe
Assistant Professor

 MRC 437
Don Fritsch
Head Cross Country/Associate Track and Field Coach

 NRC 506
Adam Kronfeld
Seasonal Athletic Fields Groundskeeper

 Outdoor Athletics Complex
Kenneth Barton
Campus Safety Officer (pt)