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Emily Schiavone
Assistant Professor

 RCE 019
Anthony (Tony) Michel
Assistant Professor

 MRC 528
Cameron Kiersch
Assistant Professor

 NRC 407
Barbara (Bobbi) Schamberger
Assistant Professor

 NRC 516
Kristin Roslansky
Assistant Professor

 NRC 517
Thue Xiong
Campus Safety Officer (pt)

Michelle Wolf
Assistant Professor

 NRC 424
Brianne Sanford

 RCE 305
Kendra Bringe
Assistant Professor

 MRC 437
Don Fritsch
Head Cross Country/Associate Track and Field Coach

 NRC 506
Adam Kronfeld
Seasonal Athletic Fields Groundskeeper

 Outdoor Athletics Complex
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Viterbo University is committed to providing a safe and healthy learning environment free of illicit drugs and the unlawful use or abuse of alcohol. The university recognizes that the use or consumption of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs can adversely impact academic achievement, personal...
Kenneth Barton
Campus Safety Officer (pt)

Brian Wieman

 Phys. Plant
Carol Page
Progam Specialist

John (Jack) Weber
Visiting Assistant Professor

 RCE 020
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Justice Carson
Admission Counselor

 RCE 113