What is SDA?
The Student Dietetic Association is a group of students interested in nutrition both personally and professionally. SDA promotes volunteering in the La Crosse community while sharing knowledge on healthy lifestyles with others. It provides opportunities to learn from other members as well as Nutrition Professionals (generally Viterbo graduates) around the La Crosse area. This organization consists primarily of dietetics majors or nutrition minors, but everyone is welcome!


Why should you join SDA?
If you are a dietetics major, it is an awesome way to meet people within your major. SDA is a fun way to get involved in the La Crosse Community. It also provides the opportunity to form networks with professionals within the field. Finally, SDA will help you explore the possible occupations as a Registered Dietician. 

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Student Dietetics Association's


                                      12th Annual Apple Pie Sale



  Apple Pies                                                                                 


    $12 Traditional Double-Crust Apple Pie

$14 Caramel Apple Pie


              *Paid orders taken through Friday, November 15th 

         Pies are available for pick-up Monday, November 25th from 3-6 pm and on Tuesday, November 26th 

                                      from 8 am-1pm and from 3-6 pm. in School of Nursing room 283*

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Cookbook 2012 

SDA's cookbooks are here!

Get yours for $10
They include recipes from Viterbo staff, faculty, students,
and the amazing apple pie recipe used every fall.
The cook books also include valuable information on MyPlate,
how to reduce sodium and fat in your diet and much much more!