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-April 20-22, 2012
       Lil' Sibs Weekend


Residence Hall Council (RHC) is a student-led organization composed of resident students with a goal of improving residence life on campus. It provides an opportunity and means for self-expression and self-government by and for the residence hall/apartment/theme house students. 

RHC is democratic in its function and effective in its action. The organization shares responsibility for the formulation, recommendation, and review of the policies concerning residence life. RHC also provides recommendations for Campus Dining. We strive to enrich the lives of students and to help them feel comfortable in the university community. 

Want to Get Involved? 

Getting involved with the Residence Hall Council is a great way to gain leadership skills and meet people here at Viterbo. We love welcoming new people into the organization and value input from all students. RHC provides valuable experience and networking that will help if you plan on becoming an Resident Assistant or holding another leadership position on campus. 

The best time to get involved with Residence Hall Council is during the beginning of the year. Elections are held annually for positions in each hall in the beginning of the year, but we encourage you to get involved during the year by talking to your Hall Representatives. 


RHC meets every Monday night at 8PM in the basement of Rose Terrace.


Contact Us  

  To learn more about the Residence Hall Council please talk to one of the Hall Council members or email us at