Residence Life

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Residence Life Policies and Procedures

For a complete list of student policies, review the student handbook. For more information contact Residence Life at 608-796-3116 or Marian Hall South (Adjacent to the Hawk’s Nest). These policies are for the 2015 - 2016 school year.

Residence Life Mission Statement

The Viterbo University Office of Residence Life commits to provide a safe and inclusive living and learning environment for on-campus residents. We promote the Viterbo Franciscan values through purposeful programming that fosters a community to achieve academic, personal, and leadership growth and success.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is provided in all apartment buildings and lounges in Clare Apartments and Rose Terrace. Documentation from a medical professional must be provided with a request for use of an air conditioning unit in a Bonaventure Hall or Marian Hall room where student will be responsible for associated costs. Use of fans is encouraged.


It is strictly prohibited to install a private antenna to any University residence or building. It is also prohibited to “hijack” cable, TV, or telephone service for private use.

Cable TV

Local service is provided in Bonaventure and Marian Hall student rooms; the residence hall floor lounges; the Student Union; McDonald, Rose Terrace, and Treacy House apartments; all other apartments, and the theme houses. Students are responsible for ensuring their televisions meet Viterbo University’s cable system QAM cable specifications. Televisions must be manufactured after 2007 and have a QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) tuner to work with the campus cable system.

Cancellation Of Housing Contract

To secure a refund of the housing deposit, returning students who have submitted a housing contract and deposit who decide not to enroll or who enroll and elect not to live in Viterbo University housing the following fall, must notify the Director of Residence Life in writing by May 1st.

Check In Times

Check In is supervised by the Residence Life Staff and is conducted according to a specific schedule of dates and times. When you check in you will be given a room assignment, a key, a door card, and a room inventory to check the condition of the room.

Check Out Times

At the end of the semester/academic year, residents are expected to vacate their rooms by the day, time, and procedures posted. Rooms are to be clean and in the same general condition as they were at the beginning of the occupancy.  Residents with late examinations or special circumstances that prevent vacating by the specified closing time should contact the Office of Residence Life or a Community Coordinator for extended stay permission. Students will be asked to leave a forwarding address. At the end of the academic year, residents have an express check out option, returning the room/apartment key in a special envelope. On the day of Check Out, the Resident Assistant will take inventory of the room and furnishings.  The RA will make notes of any damages to the room/apartment on the inventory form. The form is then given to the Community Coordinators who will determine damage charges. A second review will occur after the hall closes and will be conducted by custodial and the Residence Life Staff to determine the condition of the room. Failure to observe the check-out procedures will result in a $25 fine assessed as an improper check out.


All children (under age 16) are to be supervised by a responsible parent or guardian at all times when on campus. Any childcare or babysitting must take place off campus at the residence of parents or guardians.


The University reserves the right to consolidate resident rooms. Consolidation is a procedure used at many universities. Although it may take place for other reasons, consolidation typically occurs when a room or apartment is not occupied at optimal capacity. To ensure optimal occupancy and efficiency, Residence Life may request moves of the residents remaining in a unit not at capacity to a similar room or apartment and usually within the same building. When consolidation is necessary, the students involved will be notified. In the event of a consolidation: (a) a student who refuses to reside with another student will likely be charged the appropriate pro-rated single room rate, and (b) single rooms may not be available based on occupancy and/or other factors.

Cooking And Microwave Ovens

Due to sanitation, health, and safety laws, cooking is not permitted in student rooms in Bonaventure and Marian Halls but microwave ovens and toasters are provided for use in the lounges of these halls. Students living in the apartments or theme houses may bring microwave ovens and toasters for use.

Curtains And Blinds

Curtains or blinds  are provided in each room/apartment. These must  remain on the windows at all times.


Resident students are responsible for cleaning their rooms and cleaning any litter or “mess” that they make in the corridors and lounge areas. Littering and noxious odors are violations of the Code of Student Conduct. Recycling receptacles and dumpsters are located outside all facilities for disposal of trash and boxes.

Closing And Locking Doors For Security

Resident students are expected to close and lock their room doors for prevention of theft. In addition, doors to residence facilities must remain closed to maintain building security. Propping doors open is a security risk and a violation of residence hall policy.


Residents of each room are responsible for keeping the premises and room contents in good order and free from damage by the residents and their guests. Each resident understands and agrees that he/she is responsible for any and all damages that may occur to the room/ apartment and/or its contents. If damage or loss occurs to the property and the responsible student(s) are not known, the charge may be divided among the students of the floor, hall or rooms in the apartment and charged to the student’s accounts. All damages should be promptly reported to the RA, Community Coordinator, or Director for Residence Life. Charges for damages may occur after the Resident Assistant has checked a student out if damages are noted by a Physical Plant or Residence Life staff member.

Decorating Rooms

Students decorating their rooms, doors, or floors for any occasion must follow these guidelines.

1.  Use flame-resistant materials.

2.  Use lights that are UL-approved and are of low wattage. Halogen lamps may not be used.

3.  Do not decorate over fire alarm pull stations, fire extinguisher cabinets, smoke detectors, sprinkler heads room numbers, and exit signs.

4.  Display of beer cans and other alcohol and drug paraphernalia are not permitted in residence halls, apartments and houses.

5.  Decorating must be done in good taste. The Residence Life Staff may request students to remove offensive or inappropriate publicly displayed (outside doors and windows) material.

6.  Items hanging from the ceiling are prohibited.

7.  Duct tape and glow-in-the-dark stars/patterns are strictly prohibited. Command strips may be used except in Bonaventure Terrace and Clare Apartments. Therefore, small nails and tacks are allowed only in Bonaventure and Claire.  Poster putty use for hanging decorations is recommended in all locations. Adhesives provided with Dry Erase Boards may not be used.

8.  Other University belongings (signs, couches, lamps, tables, etc.) are not permitted in the student rooms as these items are for the use of all students.  If such belongings are found in student rooms they may be removed and disciplinary action taken.

Dietary Restrictions

Students requiring special diets should contact ARAMARK at 608-796-3837 to make arrangements. Most special needs can be met after consultation with the Director of Dining Services. Certain acute medical conditions exist that require modifications of food preparation and accessibility within a particular campus dining plan. If a student has such a need for accommodation, he/she must file an Application for Accommodations Based on Disability-Related Need with the University’s Americans with Disabilities Act Officer, the Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Once that form is filed, the student is directed to speak with the Director of Dining Services to arrange for the appropriate accommodation(s).  It is expected that both parties will cooperate to find reasonable solutions for the health needs of the student. If reasonable accommodations cannot be made, the student may be released from the meal plan by requesting written permission from the Director of Residence Life. This permission will be filed with the student’s Application for Accommodations Based on Disability-Related Need.  An appeal of this process may be made to the Vice President for Student Development.  No student will be excused from the meal plan for financial reasons.

Dining Services

Eateries at Viterbo include: The Caf, located in the Student Union, features breakfast, lunch or dinner with entrees, grill, deli, salad and dessert bars, and more. The Caf is open between meals and offers a place to study, meet and enjoy special dining events. Fall and Spring Semester Hours: Monday through Thursday 7:15 am to 6:30 pm, Friday 7:15 am to 6 pm, Saturday and Sunday 11 am to 6 pm. Crossroads POD and Grill in the Student Union is a stop in for snacks, groceries, f’real shakes, grab-and-go salads, sandwiches, smoothies, and made-to-order grill items. Use your V-Hawk Bucks or cash at Crossroads to dine in or take out. Fall and Spring Semester Hours: Monday through Thursday 7:30 am to 9 pm, Friday 7:30 am to 3 pm, Saturday and Sunday 6 to 10 pm. Einstein Bros. Bagels at Franny’s is adjacent to the library entrances and offers gourmet coffee, freshly baked bagels, salads, sandwiches, and soups. Fall and Spring Semester Hours: Monday through Thursday 7:30 am to 8 pm, Friday 7:30 am to 3 pm.

Dining Options at Viterbo include: The 7 Day All Access Option offers unlimited access to The Caf Sunday through Saturday plus 4 Monday through Thursday meal transfers. This option also includes $100 in V-Hawk Bucks for use at Crossroads POD Market and Grill and at Einstein Bros. Bagels at Franny’s.  The 5 Day All Access Option offers unlimited access to The Caf Monday through Friday plus 2 Monday through Thursday meal transfers. This option also includes $150 in V-Hawk Bucks for use at Crossroads POD Market and Grill and at Einstein Bros. Bagels at Franny’s. The 80 Block Option offers 80 meals per semester to use at The Caf plus $300 in V-Hawk Bucks for use at Crossroads POD Market and Grill and at Einstein Bros. Bagels at Franny’s. For commuter students only, there’s the

$550 V-Hawk Option for use in The Caf, Crossroads POD Market and Grill, and at Einstein

Bros. Bagels at Franny’s.

V-Hawk Value Bucks for Those on a Meal Plan

V-Hawk Value Bucks are prepaid dollars automatically deposited into your food service account to be used in the form of declining balance at the Caf, Crossroads Pod and Market and Einstein Bros. at Franny’s. V-Hawk Value Bucks are a great value, are convenient to use and offer flexibility in our meal plan. V-Hawk Value Bucks may be used to purchase full meals at the Caf or to make a la carte purchases of food, snacks, and beverages at Crossroads Pod and Einstein Bros. You may purchase additional V-Hawk Bucks through the dining services website:

To make a deposit, please bring cash or a personal check to the Dining Services Office located next to the Caf. Your account will be set up at that time; and within minutes, you will be ready to make purchases. You may purchase V-Hawk Value Bucks at the Business Office with a credit or debit card, but these will not be placed on your account immediately. Please note that:  (a) the ID cards are not transferable, (b) Fall semester V-Hawk Value Bucks will carry over to spring semester, and (c) any remaining balance at the end of spring semester will be forfeited.

Sack Lunches/Sick Trays/Special Diets

If you will be unable to eat in the dining room due to class or job conflicts, you can order a sack lunch through Dining Service. A 24-hour notice is required and sack lunch forms can be obtained through the Dining Service Office. Sick Trays are also available for students who cannot make it to meals because of illness or injury.  Please contact Health Services to make arrangements. Students requiring special diets should contact the Dining Service Office. Most special needs can be met after a brief consultation with the Director of Dining Service.

Dining Service Committee

A Dining Service Committee meets regularly with the Director of Dining Service.  At these meetings, student concerns and suggestions are discussed, and special meals are planned. This committee serves as an excellent tool for enhancing the Dining Service program and increasing student satisfaction.  All are encouraged to participate.

Door Access Cards

Your student ID card is used to gain access to select building doors on campus and should be treated the same as a key. Administration of the cards is handled by the Physical Plant Department. Door cards are activated at the time of issue. Cards will not be active or allow entry into academic buildings during academic breaks. Cards will be active and allow entry into residence buildings during breaks only with written authorization from the Office of Residence Life. Cards will become inactive the day after the official end of the academic year. Students living off campus do not have card access to any of the residences. Students have access only to that residence in which they live and to the Student Union.


The University holds fire and other drills to prepare students for emergencies. Occupants should follow directions during the drills. In the event of an actual fire or a fire drill, occupants are required to evacuate according to the rules established in each building. Failure to do so may result in a fine. Follow the instructions of the Residence Life Staff, Campus Security, and/or fire-fighting personnel. Keep the following items in mind:

For any Drill:

1.  Walk. Don’t run. Be particularly careful in the staircases. Do not use the elevators.

2.  Follow the instructions of personnel authorized to take charge at the scene of the emergency. For a Fire or Fire Drill:

1.  Proceed to the designated outdoor rally point using the closest emergency exit. The designated outdoor rally point is Lot Q, between Canticle Apartments and the Physical Plant.

2.  Do not attempt to salvage personal belongings.

3.  Close doors and windows when you leave.

4.  Before opening a closed door, feel to see if it is hot. If it is hot, attempt to find another exit route.

5.  A towel or blanket soaked in water can be helpful in combating smoke inhalation. For a Tornado or Tornado Drill:

1.  Proceed directly to the designated safe zone of your building. Generally this is the basement. Bonaventure residents should go to the hallway of Bonaventure first floor.

2.  Close doors and windows when you leave.

Early Move-In Policy

1.  Early move in requires a written request which must be made to the Office of Residence Life by the given deadline and show evidence of extraordinary circumstance and need for early move in.

2.  The student’s written request will be followed with written approval or denial of early move in by the director of residence life or designee.

3.  Requests for early move in are rarely approved.  Early arrival is not permitted earlier than 7 days before the start of the semester.

4.  Students will be billed $30 for each day stayed prior to the move in date (for students of similar class standing). The total amount will be billed to the student’s account during the first week of classes. Students will be charged an additional $50 fee if the written request is not submitted by the deadline.

5.  Students who arrive to move in without 48 hours prior written notice will be charged a one-time $100 penalty in addition to the $30/day fee.

6.  Unauthorized early arrivals may be asked to leave and face disciplinary action.

Extended Stay Procedures

1.  Extended stay past the last day of the student’s final examination requires a written request. The student’s written request must be submitted to Residence Life by the published deadline and must show evidence of extraordinary circumstance and need for extended stay.

2.  The student’s written request will be followed with written approval or denial of extended stay by the director of residence life or designee.

3.  $20 for each day of extended stay on campus beginning the Sunday after commencement will be billed to the student’s account. Any student staying 6 days or more will be charged the weekly summer fee.

4.  Students will be billed an additional $50 fee if the written request is not submitted by the published deadline.


Students and their guests are asked not to tamper with elevators to prevent injury and inconvenience to self and others.


You must be enrolled at Viterbo University and be determined eligible to reside in student housing by the Director of Residence Life or appropriate Viterbo University authority. Residents are required to be full-time status to live on campus. Students carrying less than 12 credits must request approval of the Director of Residence Life to live on campus.

Ensuring Safety In The Corridors, Lounges, Lobbies, Etc.

To avoid property damage, injury, and disruption, students are to refrain from the use of bikes, outdoor games, exercise, ball bouncing, or other sporting equipment use in the residence halls, apartment buildings, theme houses, and Student Union. In addition, in-line skating, scooters, and skateboarding, etc. are not allowed in any campus building, residence hall, apartment building, and theme house. Safety and building regulations require that all rooftops remain off-limits, except to designated personnel.

Fire Hazards

Candles, incense, fireworks, hot plates, grills, portable space heaters and halogen lamps are fire hazards and pose a danger to all students living on campus. These and related items are not permitted in the residence halls, apartment buildings, and theme houses. Use or possession of items that are considered fire hazards may result in disciplinary action. Toasters are not permitted in Bonaventure and Marian Hall student rooms but are provided in floor lounges.

Fire Safety Equipment

Fire safety equipment is located on each floor of the residence halls and apartment buildings for safety and protection. Individuals tampering with such equipment are in violation of state law and are subject to disciplinary action.

Floor Meetings

The floor meetings provided by your Resident Assistant are designed to build community and convey important information. All resident students are responsible for knowledge of information shared at floor meetings and are encouraged to be active participants in building a positive floor community.

Guest Policy

Viterbo’s guest hours are designed to welcome visitors in a manner that accommodates social interaction while respecting each resident student’s right to privacy, safety, study and a tranquil living environment. The right of a resident student to live in reasonable calm and privacy takes precedence over the right of a roommate(s) to entertain guests in a room, suite, apartment or theme house.

1.  A guest is defined as a person who is not assigned to live in a Viterbo room, suite, apartment or theme house including other Viterbo students and those students who live in another Viterbo room, suite, apartment or theme house. In cases where other residents living in a unit cannot agree, the right of the person to occupy his or her room, suite, apartment or theme house without the presence of an overnight guest takes precedence over the right of a resident student to host a guest.

2.  The host resident student must escort (be with) his/her guest at all times. Unescorted guests are subject to detention, removal from University property, prosecution for trespassing, etc.

3.  Guest hours in Bonaventure Hall, Canticle House, Clare Apartments, Marian Hall, McDonald Terrace, Rose Terrace, Theme Houses and Treacy House are Sunday through Thursday from 10 am to Midnight and Friday and Saturday from 10 am to 2 am. The use of guest hours helps enhance resident student safety, security of building and property, scholarship and privacy.

4.  The following locations are designated as 24-hour open areas: McDonald Terrace basement lounge, the Treacy House basement lounges, the Rose Terrace floor lounges, the Student Union lounges and the Clare Apartment Lobby.   Students may also visit Franny’s Cyber Café around the clock.

5.  Resident students are responsible for ensuring that guests comply with all University policies, rules and regulations and will be held accountable for guest behavior.  The host resident is responsible for informing a guest of campus policies.

6.  Courtesy hours are in effect around the clock in all housing facilities. Quiet hours are in effect in housing facilities Sunday through Thursday 10 pm to 10 am; Friday and Saturday at midnight until 10 am the next day.

7.  Guests are not allowed to use or borrow any resident student’s identification card or room key. A guest may not occupy a student’s room, suite, apartment or theme house when the host resident is not present.

8.  Guests are not permitted to sleep in lounges. Lounges are intended for use by residents assigned to a particular floor or facility.

9.  Guests must be 18 years of age or older. (Exception: siblings who at least 7 years of age and who are registered in the Office of Residence Life).

10. The University reserves the right to deny, limit, restrict or revoke access, guests and/or privileges.

11. The University reserves the right to suspend or strengthen guest and/or overnight guest privileges as special circumstances warrant.

12. Those who violate this policy are subject to disciplinary action, detention, removal from property and/or prosecution for trespassing, etc.

13. The members of any hall, floor or theme house may vote to establish a separate, more restrictive guest hours policy for that hall, floor or theme house, if no provision of such a policy is in conflict with this guest policy and at least sixty percent of the residents of the floor, hall or theme house vote in favor of the proposed changes.

Overnight Guests

1.  A student may permit a guest of the same gender to stay overnight (after guest hours) in Bonaventure Hall, Canticle House, Marian Hall, McDonald Terrace, Rose Terrace, Theme Houses and Treacy House if the others living in the unit have been contacted and have no objection and sign an Overnight Guest Contract. Overnight Guest contracts must be signed by the host resident and all other residents of the living unit and delivered to the Office of Residence Life by 4 pm weekdays prior to the overnight visit.

2.  A resident student is permitted only 1 guest at a time for no more than 2 consecutive nights. A resident student is permitted a maximum of 10 overnight visits per academic year – late August to early May.

3.  Overnight guests are not permitted during official break periods.

4.  Members of the gender opposite of the host resident may not stay overnight and are not permitted in Bonaventure Hall, Canticle House, Marian Hall, McDonald Terrace, Rose Terrace, Theme House and Treacy House rooms, floor lounges, corridors, restrooms, or stairwells at any time outside of guest hours. Opposite gender guests living in another Viterbo room or facility are under the same restrictions as commuting students or Non-Viterbo guests.

5.  A student may permit a visitor to stay after guest hours in Clare Apartments only if others living in the apartment/suite have been contacted and have no objection; no Overnight guest Contract is required.

Health And Safety Inspections

Staff members in the Office of Residence Life inspect residence hall rooms, apartments and theme houses periodically for safety hazards, cleanliness and maintenance issues.  Please assist by maintaining your living area and contacting your Resident Assistant with any health and/or safety concerns.


To help ensure campus safety, loss of an identification card and/or key to an on-campus room and/or housing facility must be reported to the Office of Residence Life. There is a

$65 fee for changing or replacing a room or apartment key and/or lock and a $40 fee for replacing a mailbox key or lock.

Laundry Facilities

Washers and dryers are provided in the laundry rooms in all residence facilities.  The washers and dryers only accept laundry cards, which are issued to residents upon moving in their first semester. Replacement laundry cards can be purchased at the Office of Residence Life for $5.  Damaged laundry cards can be returned to the Office of Residence Life, and a temporary laundry card will be issued. The laundry cards have a declining balance and additional monetary value can be added to the cards using a machine in the Student Union; the machine only accepts cash in increments of $5, $10, and $20.

Residents are asked to practice courtesy and cleanliness when using the machines since several hundred people share the machines.  While the University is not responsible for lost or damaged items, please report any theft or damaged items to your Resident Assistant or the Office of Residence Life. This will help in tracking patterns related to security violations. If the machine is out of order, please report it to the Office of Residence Life immediately.

Locking Yourself Out

A student who is locked out of his/her residence hall room or apartment unit may find it necessary to wait to have a roommate unlock the door.  Students are charged $3 for a Resident Assistant and $5 for a Office of Residence Life professional staff member or Office Assistant to unlock their residence hall room or apartment unit for a student who is locked out.


Freestanding lofts are allowed in the residence halls as long as they do not attach to the ceiling or walls or damage furniture and fixtures. There must be ample room between the ceiling and the lofted bed for the student to sit up. Lofts cannot block access to the window or door and must be approved by the Residence Life Staff. The Office of Residence Life offers a loft rental program through a third-party service. These rented lofts have been pre-approved for on-campus housing. Please read the Rental agreement and visit the “What to Bring” webpage for additional information.

Lounge, Room And Public Area Furnishings

University-provided furnishings should not be removed or exchanged between rooms. Students without storage are required to keep all of the University furnishings in their room. Students involved in unauthorized possession of University furniture will be fined.


Lounges are available on most residence hall, Clare apartments, and Rose Terrace floors and in the basements of McDonald Terrace and Treacy House, for studying and socializing. Personal items should be removed from lounges after use. Room or apartment recyclables or garbage should not be placed in lounge receptacles.


Students can mail letters and packages from the Copy, Mail, and Media Center (CMMC), located in the Reinhart Center basement, by USPS or UPS. Postage should be paid at the time letters or packages are brought to the CMMC for mailing. If students wish to have packages of value sent to the general Viterbo address, they should notify the CMMC personnel to hold such packages when they arrive. Stamps can be purchased at the Viterbo bookstore. Private mailboxes are assigned to all full-time resident students. Mailboxes are

located in the Student Union and may be reserved at the Office of Residence Life. Resident mail for these buildings should be addressed to 702 Franciscan Way, La Crosse WI 54601. Residents of Clare Apartments will have mailboxes in Clare. Clare Apartments mail should be addressed to 710 8th St. South, La Crosse, WI 54601.

Maintenance And Repair Requests

Residents are to report any required maintenance or maintenance concerns of buildings, equipment, or furnishings to the respective RA. Maintenance requests or other room concerns should be reported promptly with as much detail as possible. Lost key requests should be reported directly to the Office of Residence Life or the Physical Plant.

Office Of Residence Life   


The Office of Residence Life (ORL) is located on the first floor of Marian Hall next to the Hawk’s Nest.  It is comprised of offices for the Director of Residence Life and the two Community Coordinators. The ORL is open weekdays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

On-Campus Residency Requirement

All full-time freshmen must live on campus and be enrolled in a meal plan except: (a) those living with their parents or guardians within a commuting distance, (b) individuals establishing independent student status, (c) part-time students, (d) students 24 years of age or older, (e) married  students, (f) students who are parents.


There are several parking lots designated strictly for resident parking. Please consult the Viterbo University Parking Policies Handbook for more information. Street parking is avail- able but is limited to 2 hours in many locations. There is alternate side parking in effect on designated city streets from November 1 to April 1. The City of La Crosse issues tickets for vehicles not properly parked during this time.


Animals and pets are not permitted in Viterbo housing facilities. Exception: fish kept in properly maintained fishbowl and service animals.


No person shall infringe upon the privacy of others or behave in such a way as to disturb others by his or her conduct.  Entrance into a room, apartment or house is to be by invitation only.

Public Areas

Public lounges, hallways, walkways, and stairwells should remain clear of obstruction for the safety/security of all residents and guests.

Quiet And Courtesy Hours

Courtesy hours are in effect 24 hours a day for rooms, apartments, stairwells, hallways, and lounges. Stereos, radios, TVs, musical instruments, and all conversations must be respectful, appropriate and maintained at levels that will not interfere with the study or sleep of other residents.

Quiet hours for Sunday-Thursday are 10 pm to 10 am the next day and for Friday-Saturday are midnight to 10 am the next day.  During quiet hours, residents must keep stereos, TVs, conversation, and other noise to a minimum volume level as to not disturb the other residents on the floor. This time allows students the right to study, sleep, relax, and prepare for the next day. Courtesy hours are in effect when quiet hours are not. If you encounter a noise problem, first request that the offenders reduce the sound level.  Contact your Resident Assistant or the on-call Resident Assistant if problems persist. To ensure the rights of every student to study or sleep, there will be 22 hour quiet hours per day during finals week. Quiet hours may be extended on some floors as decided by the residents of the floor.


Viterbo encourages residents to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.   Residents are asked to recycle their aluminum and tin cans, plastic and glass bottles, and paper and cardboard by depositing them in receptacles provided between Bonaventure Hall and McDonald Terrace.


Residents may bring their own refrigerators, but they must not exceed four and one half cubic feet. Rental refrigerator units are available prior to and during the school year, pending availability. At the end of the academic year, each refrigerator must be cleaned by the student prior pick up. Please read the Rental Agreement and visit the “What To Bring” webpage for additional information.

Renters Insurance

Incidents of theft, damage, etc. are rare in Viterbo housing facilities.  Nonetheless, to help protect from costs of repair, replacement, etc., renters insurance is recommended for students living in campus housing facilities.

Restroom Facilities

Community restroom facilities in the residence halls are designated by gender. Residents and visitors may only use facilities designated for their gender. Visitors needing to travel between floors in order to use such facilities must be escorted by their student host to the appropriate restroom door.

Room Change Request Procedures

These procedures are to be followed by resident students requesting change of room or apartment with the understanding that sharing a room and/or apartment with another person(s) requires communication, cooperation, and compromise. All room/apartment changes require the approval of a Residence Life Community Coordinator (or the Director of Residence Life if a Community Coordinator is not available).

1.  Prior to submitting a room change request, students must meet with the Resident Assistant. During the meeting, the Resident Assistant will attempt to resolve related matters. The student may be referred to the Community Coordinator.

2.  No room or apartment changes are permitted or approved during the first three weeks of the semester. Beginning the fourth week of a semester, resident students may submit a room change request form in the Office of Residence Life.

3.  Once submitted, the Community Coordinator will approve or deny the request for room change. If the move is approved, the Community Coordinator will also provide instructions on logistics associated with the move. The Office of Residence Life reserves the right to decline any request.

4.  Improper room changes including moving to a room and/or apartment without prior Community Coordinator approval may result in a fine or disciplinary action.

Room Entry

The University reserves the right to have authorized personnel enter a student’s room purposes of health, safety, maintenance, and the enforcement of state and University policies.

Roommate Agreement

Students sharing a room or apartment are expected to complete and abide by a roommate agreement, which requires discussion about guests, lifestyles and sharing. Resident students and their guests are expected to respect the privacy of others and behave in a way that does not disturb or disrupt others. Entrance into a room, apartment or house is to be by invitation only.

Single Room Request Procedures

Single room requests will be considered when accompanied with (a) a letter from the student explaining why a single room is believed to be medically necessary, and (b) a letter from a qualified professional (e.g. physician, psychiatrist, psychologist) describing the date of diagnosis,  assessment, treatment plan, patient response, and prognosis. Students must provide written release for Viterbo officials to discuss any medical recommendations with the recommending professionals. In all cases, Viterbo expects students to adhere to the treatment recommendations of the professionals helping students manage their disability. A single room is not automatically transferable from one academic year to the next and new medical documentation stating student progress may be needed at the time of each request.

Students without medical documentation may request placement on a single room waiting list. Assignment will be based on space availability, date of housing contract, disciplinary record, and class standing. Current residents of single rooms must reapply. The privilege of a single room is not guaranteed from one year to the next.


Resident students and guests are asked to exercise caution in rooms and corridors with fire sprinkler systems. Any item touching a sprinkler may activate it. If a sprinkler is set off or if there are signs of water near one, contact Campus Security immediately at 608-796-3911.


There is no storage available in Bonaventure Hall, Marian Hall, or Clare Apartments. Residents of McDonald Terrace, Treacy House, Rose Terrace, Canticle House, and theme houses are provided with a storage space. All items in storage must be removed from the storage area approximately two weeks before the end of the academic year or upon early withdrawal. Items left in storage will be thrown away or donated to charity.

Study Areas

Study areas are located throughout the Todd Wehr Library, in Brophy Center, in Einstein Bagels at Franny’s, in the Hawk’s Nest in Marian Hall, on the lower level of the Reinhart Center, and in the Student Union. Additional study areas are open to students only in the on campus housing facility in which they reside.


Students are expected to keep contact information current with the Registrar’s Office. Phones are available in lounges in Bonaventure and Marian halls, Rose Terrace, and laundry rooms in McDonald Terrace and Treacy Terrace. In order to dial an off-campus number from a campus phone, dial 8, followed by the rest of the number. Resident students are required to utilize prepaid calling cards or cellular phones for long-distance service on university-provided phones.

Vacation Periods

Bonaventure and Marian Halls are closed during Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Breaks. Dining Service is closed during Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break, and Spring Break. Students who do not return home must make arrangements for housing and meals during these times. Students with legitimate reason to stay on campus over a break may submit a break request form by the published deadline. If approved, ID access will be activated. Students who remain on campus during the break must make arrangements for meals.

Vending Machines

Vending machines are located in the Student Union with selections of candy, gum, snacks, and soda. A soda machine is located on the first floor of Clare Apartments.

Window Screens

If window screens are removed, there will be a $10 fine assessed to the residents of the room for each day that the screen is not replaced.  Students are reminded that they are responsible for lost or damaged screens.