Overnight Guest Contract

The host resident student must escort (be with) his/her visitor/guest at all times. Unescorted guests are subject to detention, removal from University property, prosecution for trespassing, etc.

Resident students are responsible for ensuring that visitors comply with all University policies, rules, and regulations and will be held accountable for the guest's behavior.

A student may permit a visitor of the same gender to stay overnight (after visitation hours) in the residence hall, apartment building or theme house if the others living in the unit have no objection.

Resident Details

Guest Information

Dates & Duration of Stay

Reminder: Only 1 guest is allowed at a time, and for no more than 2 consecutive nights.

Roommate Agreement
Each roommate will receive a copy of this form to ensure they agree to the overnight guest request.


By submitting this contract, I acknowledge that I am responsible for my guest's actions on campus and may be held responsible for any policy violations that occur. In addition, my roommates understand that all residents of a room or apartment may be held responsible for policy violations that occur in their room/apartment, even if done by a guest. I also understand that each of my roommates will receive confirmation of this request.

The university reserves the right to deny, limit, restrict, or revoke access, visitation, guest and/or privileges.