Meal Plan Change Form

Freshmen residents are all on the 7-day all access meal plan. The all-access plan allows you to visit the Caf as many times as you wish every day. 

Sophomores may choose between the 7-day and the 15 meals-per-week plans. 

Juniors and Seniors may select the 7-day, the 15 meals-per-week, or the 160 flex plan. All meal plans include V-Hawk bucks.   

All meal plans will include V-Hawk value bucks. Please fill out the form below to add or change your meal plan.  All meal plan changes must be completed by August 7, 2018.

All residential students are required to carry one of the meal plan options below. Only off-campus students can choose the "$600 Commuter Plan".

To add V-Hawk bucks to your account, visit the Dining Services website.

Please contact the Office of Student Life with any questions.