Residence Life

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Laundry on Campus

Viterbo University's laundry facilities' washers and dryers do not accept quarters; therefore, all new students living in campus housing will be issued a Coin Appliance laundry card at the time of check in. There is no charge for the card; however, you will need to deposit money onto the card in order to use the washers and dryers. The cost to wash a load of clothes is $1.50 and to dry is $1.25. There is a laundry card machine located in the Student Union (near the restrooms) where you can deposit money onto the card. Keep the card for the duration of your on-campus housing tenure.

If you experience a problem with your card, report it to the Office of Studeny Life (bring your card with you). If you lose your card, a replacement card will be issued to you for a $5 fee during regular office hours.

A Note on Detergent

Viterbo uses low-energy washers, which will not fully dissolve Tide Pods and similar products. Use of these products in our machines may damage laundry due to the product melting on clothing in the dryer. Please use liquid detergent, or cut pods open before using them.