D.B. and Marge Reinhart Center

Home to the D.B. Reinhart Institute for Ethics in Leadership and Viterbo's science programs, the magnificent Reinhart Center is a state-of-the-art, $11 million facility—an exciting addition to the university campus as well as the greater La Crosse community.

The Franciscan heritage of Viterbo has literally found its way into the architecture of the D.B. and Marge Reinhart Center for Ethics, Science, and Technology.

“Throughout human generations, new understanding of truth is always coming to light.”

John Duns Scotus
Franciscan priest and philosopher

Distance Learning RoomThe quote from Franciscan priest and philosopher Scotus, etched in stone above the main entryway, reveals the challenge of new discovery and how it affects our search for truth. Earth tone colors are in many of the fabrics, building materials, and paints used throughout the building. The exterior landscaping and plantings complement the natural beauty of the surrounding environment. Decorative panels, located on the south side of the Center are based on St. Francis of Assisi’s “Canticle of the Sun.