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Summer Special Topics Descriptions

Summer 2018 Special Topics Offerings:


HMGT-546-001 Health Care Economics and Ethics 3 cr.
This course will review critical elements of Health care economics - Supply chain, Accounts Receivable, Provider Network Development and Contracting and Payer Relations and alanyses them against the backdrop of legal, regulartory and ethical bounds that are often inconsistent. Students will study the practical, fiscal challenges facing healthcare systems and how the labyrinth of regulations and societal expectations makes the revenue cycle process exponentially more difficult. Practical examples including end-of-life decisions, anti-trust issues and privacy regulations will be analyzed as well as future challenges and opportunities for abatement.

MGMT-546-001 PMP Certification and Standards Practice 3 cr.
The PMP Certificate is the most recognized and respected credential in the field of project management. The purpose of this course is to prepare eligible, or nearly eligible, students to obtain this certification by helping them with an organized study approach, by providing explanations and presentations of the most challenging topics, providing many practice questions with explanations of the answers, and access to knowledgeable instructor and a study cohort group.

MGMT-546-002 The Dark Side of Leadership 3 cr.
The Dark Side of leadership will explore leadership behaviors and traits that have been destructive through history to current day. During this class we will analyze destructive leadership behaviors and determine how to address these behaviors when faced with them. We will also explore the role of follwership related to both positive and negative leadership.

MGMT-546-003 LEAN Management 3 cr.
LEAN Management, value stream mapping, and other Toyota Way management techniques.

MGMT-546-004 Small Business: Entrepreneurial Thinking - 3 cr.
This course will introduce the principles of operating and managing a small business.

SVLD-546-001 Serve, Learn, Lead - 3 cr. (Updated 5/2/18)
"It begins with the decision to serve first." Service requires reflection and learning to be transformed into effective leadership. The course will integrate the theory and practice needed to serve, learn and lead effectively.