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Summer 2015 Important Dates and Registration Information

Summer 2015 Registration BeginsJanuary 19
Summer CAL sections open for enrollment (bring form to Registrar's Office)April 1
Date decision made if sufficient enrollment exists for a course to be offeredApril 17
Confirmation of Enrollment deadline with Business OfficeMay 15
Memorial Day, no class, campus closedMay 25
Fall CAL sections open for enrollment (bring form to Registrar's Office)July 1
First Session Final Grades DueJune 30, noon
Independence Day, no class, campus closedJuly 3
Last Day for Instructors to Turn in Grades for Incompletes from Spring 2014July 6
Grades due to Registrar's Office (via VitNet)Aug 18, noon

The summer session dates for any full semester section (internships, independent study, etc.) are May 11-Aug 14. Many programs offer sections in two seven-week blocks, May 11-June 26 and June 29-Aug 14.

Up-to-date summer schedule information can be found in VitNet. If you are not a current student, you may search for sections as a guest using the link on the home page of VitNet. See the Search and Register Summer Tips document for assistance if needed. 

Current students should register for summer session section(s) via VitNet. All other students can complete a registration form and return it to the Registrar's Office (Murphy Center room 204). Students intending to register for a summer course should register prior to April 17. At that time it will be determined if there is sufficient enrollment for a course to be offered. The University reserves the right to cancel courses lacking sufficient enrollment. Students who are registered for a section that is cancelled will be notified shortly after April 17. Cancelled sections will also be posted with the summer addendum. Students may continue to register for available sections, per the add policy, after April 17. 

- Courses may be added up until a class begins. Current students may add in VitNet. All other students should complete a change of schedule form in the Registrar's Office (Murphy Center room 204). 
Drop - Current students may drop courses in VitNet up until a class begins. All other drops from classes must be made in writing in the Registrar's Office, either via change of schedule form or a personal notification in writing. Instructor/advisor signature is not required. Classes with time frames not accounted for in the drop date policy will be adjusted per individual course. Dropping from a class is not acceptable by telephone. Students who fail to officially drop from a class risk a tuition loss and a failing grade. In order to affect any schedule changes, the change of schedule form must be properly completed and submitted to the Registrar's Office by 4 p.m. of any deadline date. 

Financial Aid Information
For financial aid information, see the Financial Aid Office Web page.

Library Information
For library hours and information, see the Library Web page.

Textbook Information
For textbook information, see the Bookstore Web page.

Tuition/Refund Information
For tuition and refund information, see the Business Office Web page.

Summer Housing Information
For summer housing information, see the Office of Residence Life Web page.