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Spring Special Topics Course Descriptions

BIOL-486  Immunology Lecture - 3 cr.
An Introduction to the theory and practice of modern immunology.   Emphasis is on the immune response in humans.  Instructor consent required.
NUTR-486 Sports Nutrition and the Mediterranean Diet - 3 cr.

Study the components of the Mediterranean diet and how this diet is able to reduce the risk of chronic diseases (obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer).  Study of the role of nutrition and the Mediterranean diet in physical performance and health.   Specific regimens applicable to athletes/personal fitness programs, ranging from the training diet to fluid, electrolyte and glycogen replacement.   This information will serve as a background of knowledge for interaction with both middle school-age children and athletes.   A working knowledge of nutrition is strongly encouraged, NUTR-340 or NUTR-280, or consent of instructor is required.   Petition required for travel involved.

RLST-486 Health, Healing and Christian Spirituality - 3 cr.
This course delves into foundational materials for developing a personal spirituality based on Christian principles for spiritual development.  It will promote an understanding of the influence that spirituality, beliefs, and values have on human health and healing.  The student will apply course content in developing a personal holistic approach in the care of self, patients, clients, families, and communities.  Approved IFP course.