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Fall Special Topics Course Descriptions

ESLP-286-001 Advanced Writing and Speaking - 3cr.
In this course, students will increase comprehension and use of academic vocabulary, implement strategies for reading academic text books and journal articles, improve accuracy and use more sophisticated sentence patterns in writing, demonstrate an ability to understand and think critically about academic content by analyzing and comparing material presented in both writeen and spoken form, increase confidence in speaking English with native speakers, research and present information from library sources orally and in writing, and properly cite (APA) sources of information.
ESLP-286-003 Listening and Speaking for Non-Native English Speakers - 3cr.
This course focuses on listening and speaking skills by exposing international students to a variety of spoken English including accents and intonation so that students develop abilities to improving their understanding of spoken English.  Emphasis will be on developing listening skills, interpreting what is heard as well as numberous opportunities encouraging students to speak English. Articles related to other course content which the students are enrolled in will be used.
ESLP-286-004 Reading and Critical Thinking - 3cr.
This course is by placement and focuses on increasing English reading comprehension and critical thinking.
MGMT-286-001 Professional Communication and Business Terminology - 3 cr.
This course provides students with the theory and practice of oral communication skills and understanding of business terminology that are essential for tnry-level posistions as well as advancement in today's business and professional careers.  Content includees presenting business concepts to a business or professional audience as well as leading and participating in computer graphics, and video.  Presentations may be video-recorded for reviewing and critiquing.


MGMT-486-001 Managing International Enterprises - 3 cr.
This course focuses on the managerial aspects of international enterprises with respect to the import and export of goods and services.   Studenst will explore practical applications to international trading, governmental controls, licensing of products, documentation, logistics and transportation, export and import management, commercial invoices, e-commerce, and shipping procedures.  In this course, students will work as a team to set up their own export-import company.   The project consists of a feasibility study on the import or export of products and services to and from the United States.   This course helps students not only develop their skills to work for international enterprises, but also to understand how international enterprises export and import goods and services to and from the US market.

UNST-286-001 College Orientation - 3 cr.
Designed specifically for international students, this course serves as an introduction to American college life, a guide to Viterbo and an exploration of skills and strategies vital to being a successful student.