Fall Semester 2022 Important Dates

Fall Bachelor Completion sections open for enrollment
(RLST-305 will not open to traditional students)

Mandatory Business Office Check-In (Confirm enrollment) By Aug. 26
Classes Begins Aug. 29
Change of Schedule Period online - Full Semester Class By Sep. 2
Last Day to Add a Class or Change Sections of a Class - Full Semester Class** Sep. 2
Labor Day (no class) - campus closed Sept. 5
Last Day to Complete a Credit/No Credit Course Form - Full Semester Class Sept. 9
Last Day for Instructors to Turn in Grades for Incompletes for Summer 2022 Oct. 21
Last Day to Drop a Class without it appearing on permanent record - Full Semester Class* Oct. 21
Mid-semester Break (no class)

Oct. 21

Second Session (8-week) classes begin

Oct. 24
First Session (8-week) Final Grades Due Oct. 25 noon
Last Day to Make Payment in Full on Balance due Before 1.25% interest is assessed Oct. 31
Last Day to Drop a Class With a Grade of W - Full Semester Class* Nov. 7
Registration for 2023 Spring Begins; Bachelor Completion classes not restricted except for RLST-305 Nov. 7

Thanksgiving Vacation (no class)

Nov. 23-Nov. 27

Last Day to file an Incomplete Grade Form

Final Examinations

Dec. 9

Dec. 12-16

Final Day to Have Account Balance Paid in Full Dec. 16
Commencement Dec. 17
Fall 2022 Grades Due

Dec. 20, noon

*Courses shorter than full semester will have pro-rated drop dates.
**Courses shorter than full semester must add before class begins.