Recreational Sports

Personal Trainer Profiles

Name: Jason Miller

Major and school:  Sports Science and Leadership at Viterbo University

Certification(s): NASM-Certified Personal Trainer, First Aid, CPR, AED certified

Philosophy on Exercise and Well-Being: One of the hardest things for people when trying to develop an active lifestyle is finding time. Once you find the determination for change, you will get that motivation to find time for some type of exercise throughout the day. Find something that you enjoy and it will be a lot easier to stay motivated. I have a passion for helping individuals reach their fitness and well-being goals they desire.

Favorite Exercise/activity: Anything that keeps me active. I enjoy playing all kinds of sports, resistance training, and going for runs. I continue to train to reach my ultimate goal, which is competing in an Ironman.

Name: Colton Susen

Major and school:  Exercise Science with Fitness Emphasis and Coaching Concentration at University of Wisconsin – La Crosse

Certification(s): USAW Level 1 Coach, First Aid, CPR, AED certified

Philosophy on Exercise and Well-Being: Exercise and Well-Being go hand in hand.  It is important to take part in exercise daily in order to a live a healthy, full life!

Favorite Exercise/activity: Resistance Training

Name: Sam Otto

Major and school: Exercise and Sports Science – Pre Professional with Nutrition minor at University of Wisconsin – La Crosse 

Certification(s): Fitness Specialist, First Aid, CPR, AED certified

Philosophy on Exercise and Well-Being: Implementing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is an important part of physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Find something that keeps you active and motivated and work towards an attainable goal.

Favorite Exercise/activity: Weight training and hiking.

Name: Morgan Huinker

Major and school:  Psychology at the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse

Certification(s): American Counsel of Exercise- Certified Personal Trainer, First Aid/CPR/AED

Philosophy on Exercise and Well-Being: Eating healthy and exercise isn’t something that you do for a couple weeks, it’s a lifestyle choice and when that idea is embraced your goals can be met.

Favorite Exercise/activity: Full body resistance training

Name: Julie Petak

Major and school:  Exercise and Sport Science Major, Nutrition Minor at UW-Lacrosse

Certification(s):  American Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED

Philosophy on Exercise and Well-Being: I believe the best way to live a happy and healthy life is to find something that you truly love to do. I also believe that variety is the best way to keep life interesting. There are so many fun and different ways to get active, and I think there is something out there for everyone. Find activities that you love to do and it won’t even seem like exercise! 

Favorite Exercise/activity: Downhill skiing