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Cardio Machines

Workouts can vary from light to high intensity based on programs, speeds, inclines, or resistance preferences.


a piece of indoor cardio equipment, it is used to allow for the walking and running motions while staying in one place. The principle is a belt or tread system where the top of the belt moves to the rear so as to allow a runner to run a set speed. Setting the speed is relatively easy as is choosing program options or adjusting the incline of the machine.


(aka: cross trainer) is a stationary exercise machine used to simulate walking or running without causing excessive pressure to the joints, decreasing the risk of impact injuries. Most ellipticals are designed to work both the upper and lower body. It is also designed to elevate the heart rate more than building muscles. There are two types of ellipticals in our facility-the standard as well as others with adjustable inclines.

Upright Bike

is a stationary exercise machine which is similar to a regular bicycle in its form and principles. It is used to simulate the cycling motion as well as produce a lower impact cardio workout.

Recumbent Bike

is a type of bike or stationary bike where the user is seated. The back is supported and the user's legs extend forward to the pedals which are at a slightly lower angle than the seat. The user pdeals against some resistance and the seat is adjustable by sliding it along a rail.

SCIFIT Ergometer

is a cardio machine which can be used by arms only, legs only, or both. This machine is designed to give a workout or warm-up to the body in a low impact nontraditional manner.

Weight Machines - Lower Body

Seated Leg Press

is a machine that is designed to push weight away from the body while using the legs and feet. A "leg press" is a compound exercise that involves the glutes, hamstrings and calves.

Leg Extension

is a seated machine where the user raises a weight out in front of the body with the feet by using the quadriceps.

Seated Leg Curl

is a machine that is designed to push a weight down towards the ground. There is a pad that rests on the top of one's legs as well as one on the back of the calves. This machine isolates the hamstrings.

Seated Calf Raise

is used by flexing the feet to lift a weight held on the knees. This isolates the calf muscles.


is a seated machine designed to work the inner thighs by bringing the legs together, pushing against a weight.


is a seated machine designed to work the outer thighs by pushing the legs away from each other against a weight.

Seated Back Extension

is a machine where the user wears a lap strap and rests the front of their shins against a pad to extend backwards, pushing against a pad and the tension. This machine is designed to work the muscles in the lower back.

Weight Machines - Upper Body

Pulldown (multipurpose cable machine)

is performed while seated by pulling a wide bar down towards the upper chest. This is a compound exercise that involves both the biceps and the rear deltoids.

Seated Row

is performed seated by pulling the weight towards the body while leaning against a pad. The weight should be brought close, so that the shoulder blades are squeezed together. This exercise focuses on the upper back muscles (rear deltoids and the trapizoids).

Seated Tricep Extension

is performed by lowering a weight away from the head towards the hips, while keeping the upper arms motionless. It can be done with both arms or one at a time. This machine works the triceps.

Seated Bicep Curl

is performed by raising a weight from the arm rest towards the head, while keeping the upper arms motionless. It can be done with both arms or one at a time.This machine works the biceps.

Seated Shoulder Press

is performed by pushing the handles (weight) above the head and bringing it back, just above the shoulders and then raising the arms again. This is also known as the military press and works the deltoid muscles as well as the upper trapizoids.

Chest Press

is performed in a seated position by pushing the handles (weight) away from the body and bringing it back, just above the chest and raising it again. This machine works the chest muscles.

Seated Crunch

this machine is designed for individuals to perform crunches with resistance in a low impact, low muscle strain manner. The user begins in a seated position, then lowers their shoulders while bringing up the knees while keeping tension in the abdominal muscles.

Smith Machine is a piece of equipment used in weight training. This can be used for any barbell exercise in which the barbell moves vertically up and down, such as the squat or bench press. It consists of a barbell that is constrained to move only vertically on steel runners. It often includes a weight rack in the base to help stabilize it.

Behind each runner is a series of slots which the barbell can be hooked. Unlike an ordinary barbell, the Smith machine need not be re-racked after a set of repetitions. It can be secured at any point.

Because it cannot fall forward, backward or sideways, it is considered safer to use than an ordinary barbell, especially when one is lifting without a spotter. Since the weight does not need to be stabilized, this allows unstable lifters to lift more weight. However, there is a risk of force loss by applying it improperly, which can reduce the amount of weight being lifted.

Free Weight and Cable Machines

Cable Machine

is a multipurpose machine which is located in the far corner of the fitness center. This machine can be used to perform a variety of exercises to work multiple muscle groups. It works by using a pulley system with cables and weights. Unlike the other machines, it does not make both sides of the body work together at the same pace. It is not recommended that beginners or inexperienced lifters use this without proper instruction.

Incline Bench

is a free weight station where the bench is at an inclined angle with a bar bell located overhead. This can be used to do a variety of upper body lifts to work the upper chest (pectoral muscles), shoulders (deltoids), biceps, triceps, and the upper back.

Decline Bench

is a free weight station where the bench is at a declined angle with a barbell located overhead. This can be used to do a variety of upper body lifts to work the lower chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps and the mid to upper back. Abdominal exercise can also be performed on here.


is a free weight station where the bench is flat, parallel to the ground, with or without a barbell located overhead. This is usually used for the bench press (works the chest muscles), but it can also be used to isolate the tricep muscles, abdominal exercises, and back exercises.

Seated Preacher Curl

is a seated station where a regular or bent barbell can be placed in front. This is typically used to do isolated work on the biceps (i.e., the preacher curl) and the forearms.



More Information

Feel free to ask a personal trainer (when available) or contact Marci at the Mathy Center.