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Active Workday Challenge


This employee wellness challenge will help you spend less of your day sitting at your desk and more time being active throughout the workday! Along with improving your normal sedentary workday, you also have the possibility of winning prizes. Reach a minimum of 10 points per day by tackling mini physical activities or healthy food choice challenges throughout the day. By doing so, participants will be eligible to gain first place with highest point values to choose their prize, and all others will be  entered in the grand finale drawing.  In addition to grand finale prizes, there will be weekly drawings of Rec Sports gear.


  • In recent decades, affluent populations have become more sedentary, with many adults spending 70% or more of their waking hours sitting
  • Sitting for long periods of time has been linked to negative health concerns (cardiovascular diseases, obesity, metabolic syndrome, etc.)
  • Sedentary lifestyles can go as far as being just as dangerous as smoking
  • ACSM guidelines recommends 150 of moderate-intensity exercise per week – just 30 minutes per day during a work week
  • Studies show that people who exercise during their workday are healthier, happier, and more productive than their counterpart
  • For more information:


  • Encourage small bouts of physical activity throughout the workday
  • Make a normal sedentary job more active
  • Enlighten employees on different ways of staying active in the workplace
  • Encourage healthier eating habits
  • Improve overall health of Viterbo employees


  • Each participant will engage in small health activities to accrue a minimum of 10 points per day. 7/10 points must be accrued from physical activities, additional points are accrued by healthier eating choices. Each activity or healthy eating choice is worth a certain amount of points based on difficulty.
    • 7 Points from Physical Activity + 3 Healthy Eating Choices= 10 Points (1 entry)
    • 10 Points from Physical Activity + 5 Healthy Eating Choices = 15 Points (2 entries)
      • Can only use one exercise per day, excluding walking
        • This ensures balance in activities. Walking is never discouraged- Accrue unlimited walking points.
  • Each day that the participant fulfills their daily requirement, they earn a point(s) towards the ending raffle
    • The more daily fulfillments achieved, the more likely to earn a prize
    • Raffle will take place at the end of the semester

Point Breakdown

  • Participants will try to hit a daily points goal based on the type and amount of work exercises completed- More activities will be introduced as the challenge progresses for variety.
    • Assigned points for physical activities (See table below)
    • Assigned points for healthier food choices (See table below)



  • 3 winners – Highest total point winner has first pick, 2nd and 3rd will be raffled to participants!
    • $50 People’s Food Co-op gift card
    • $25 off race registration for Grandad’s Half Marathon Activities ( Equal to 5k Run Entry fee)
    • Sportline Hydracoach Water Bottle ($30 value)
    • Fitness Assessment and 2 Personal Training Sessions ($55.00 Value)

PDF iconPrintable Exercise and Point Value Sheet

Exercise/Task Point Value Photo Directions

Walking break (minimum 10 mins)

3 pts


Taking a bathroom break on a different floor (minimum 1 flight of stairs)

2 pts    

Take the stairs instead of elevator (minimum 1 flight of stairs)

2 pts    

Chair body squats (minimum 10 repetitions)

2 pts


Focus on neutral spine!

  1. Squat down until your buns hit the edge of your chair
  2.  Stand up
  3. Repeat

Wall sits (minimum 30 sec)

2 pts
  1. Place spine against wall
  2. Lower body until legs are at a 90° angle
  3. Hold position for 15-30 second intervals

Sitting core and buttock squeezes (minimum 20 repetitions)

1 pt  
  1. Tense buttocks
  2. Relax
  3. Repeat

Wall push-ups (minimum of 10 repetitions)

1 pt


  1. Place hands shoulder width apart on wall
  2. Lower self towards wall
    1. Keep body straight with strong core
  3. Use arms to push self back up
  4. Repeat.

The more horizontal the body, the harder the movement

Standing calf raises (minimum 20 repetitions)

1 pt


  1. Stand flat footed
  2.  Raise self up onto balls of feet; repeat. May use something to stabilize body such as a chair.
Stretching (minimum 2 mins) 1 pt

Seated leg flutters (minimum two 30 sec. bouts)

2 pts  
Attend a group fitness class 4 pts See schedule for class offerings
Attend noon ball 4 pts  
  1. With a straight back, sit in your chair with hands on hips and legs extended.
  2. Lightly swing legs up and down while engaging your abs



Healthier Food Choice Point Value  
Swap a drink choice for milk or water (12 oz.) 1 pt
Swap a packaged snack for a fruit or vegetable 1 pt
Swap a pre-packaged meal for a whole food 2 pts
Add a healthy fat to your day (avocado, nuts, fish, eggs) 1 pt
Add a good source of fiber (beans, oatmeal, whole-grain cereal) 1 pt

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