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Rec Pass Program 

The goal of the Rec Pass program is to encourage healthy active lifestyles through participation in formal and informal recreation with the Department of Recreational Sports at the Mathy Center.  

The program will run the entire academic year with registration taking place at the Mathy Center. When a person registers, he or she will receive a packet which includes "Rec Pass" cards, values for activities, prize categories, schedules and contact information. Each individual will be allowed to turn in a maximum of 2 Rec Pass cards per semester.

Rec Pass Card 

To register:

  • Go to the Mathy Center
  • Let the front desk staff know that you are interested in the "Rec Pass" program
  • Register there and pay $2 (to cover printing and prize costs)
  • Receive the program packet
  • Have fun and begin the program!

To fill a "Rec Pass" an individual will need to participate in various Rec Sports programs- formal and informal. Once an activity is completed the individual will receive a punch or two to their card, depending on the activity, from the Mathy Center staff. When a "Rec Pass" is full, the individual needs to turn it into the Mathy Center and he or she will receive a prize.

If you run out of "Rec Passes", you may receive another two for an addition $1. The passes can be purchased at the Mathy Center Welcome Center desk. 

Be sure to visit during "Double Punch Weeks!"  

2014-15 Double Punches Weeks will be... 

August 25-29
September 21-27
October 19-25
November 9-15
December 1-7
January 18-24
February 15-21
March 22-28
April 19-25 

**All passes are to be turned in to the Mathy Center front desk by May 1, 2015 at 4 p.m. for an end of the year drawing.

The punch system and "Rec Pass" are explained more in the registration packet. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Krista Bonikowske, fitness and wellness intern at or 608-796-3123.

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