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Personal Training Services

Personal training services are currently available.

Complete the following online forms to sign up:

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Personal Trainer Schedule - By Appointment

Personal Training Program Fees

We have a certified trainer on staff.

During the academic year, we have Viterbo Sport Science and UW-La Crosse fitness students  who chose to come here to offer their expertise as student trainers.
Contact the recreational sports office at 608-796-3123 or wellness@viterbo.edu.


The goal of our program is to familiarize each client with the weight and cardio machines. We aim to meet with each client a total of six sessions throughout the semester to ensure that every client is both familiar and comfortable with the exercise equipment in the fitness center. Our main area of interest is providing knowledge to clientele in order to ensure that when no personal trainer is present, the client will remain comfortable and knowledgeable while exercising in the fitness center.


  • Meet with each client six times during the semester (the first time being the initial consultation).
  • Train clients on weight machines to promote proper form and usage.
  • Individualize training programs for clients.
  • Teach clients which muscle(s) each weight machine works.
  • Have clients be comfortable to do their workout program on their own.


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