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Rec Sports

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Commit to be Fit

What it is: A 6 week fitness incentive program.  You are encouraged to be competitive, and try new activities and exercises; all while encouraging and enjoying the company of a friend. 

Each Group must:

  • Print off a weekly time sheet to record their activity.
    • Time period to record activity will be Monday to Sunday. Additional copies can be acquired at the Mathy Center Front Desk
  • Complete at least one fitness class/ week from the list provided & obtain instructor’s signature
    • Additional classes will award you points as well.
  • Do the assigned weight program for the given week, preferably twice a week.
    • Obtain signature from Rec Sports Staff in the Fitness Center
  • Perform an activity (may be any type of recreation, from walking, to golfing, or playing basketball).
  • Participate in the weekly challenge. Some weeks may be an email response, other’s may require physical action from each partner
  • Return your time sheets to the Mathy Center front desk by 4:00pm onMondays.

Grand Prize: The winning team will receive 2 gift certificates to a local spa!

Bonus Week:

  • There will be a bonus week, the week of Easter break, where points will be randomly assigned to each activity possible throughout the week. Ranking and accumulated points will no longer be announced after bonus week.

Point System - The program will run on a point based system.

How to earn points!

Group Fitness Classes (max of 125 pts)

  • 100 points for attending one of the listed Group Fitness Classes together
  • 75 points will be awarded if one of the two partners attended one of the listed classes
  • 50 points will be awarded for attending a Group Fitness class not listed for the week
  • *25 additional points awarded for attending more than one class

Strength Training Program (max of 100 pts)

  • 50 points for doing the program once during the week
  • *50 additional points for doing the program twice during the week, on nonconsecutive days

Activity of Choice (max of 125 pts)*

  • 100 points for doing a physical activity for 1 hour together
  • 75 points for doing a physical activity for 30 minutes together
  • *Bonus Points available: An additional 25 points for doing physical activities together that total 2 hours

*Only 50 points will be awarded if activities are not completed together

Weekly Challenges (max of 100 pts.) – Challenges will be sent via email each Monday by 4:00pm

50 points per partner who completes the challenge of the week (max of 100 pts)

How to earn points during the bonus week:

Point values will be randomly drawn for each activity of the week. Point values will range from 25 to 100 points

In the event of a tie:

The number of activities completed TOGETHER will determine the winner.

How to track points

You can print Commit to Be Fit time sheets which you must fill out and submit to receive credit for your activity.  Be sure to include your team name on the sheet.  The time sheets need to be submitted to the Mathy Center front desk each week by 4:00 p.m. on Monday in order to receive credit for your activities. EACH PARTNER MUST SUBMIT A FORM FOR THE WEEK!

The Time Sheets include a place to write down the date, times, and duration of the first and second strength training program along with a section to note your favorite and least favorite exercises.  There is a section for the required and extra Group Fitness class which includes a place to name the class and the duration of the class.  For both of these sections a signature must be obtained from the Rec Sports staff on duty as well as the Group Fitness instructor.  There is also a section to explain what you did for your activity of choice.  Remember that in order to obtain all the points for the activity, it must involve a moderate to intense level of physical activity.

Commit to be Fit TIME SHEET

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