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Program & Courses

Psychology Major Requirements*

Course Name


Psyc 171 - General Psychology


Psyc 205 - Introduction to Chemical Dependency


Psyc 230 - Research Methods I


Psyc 250 - Social Psychology


Psyc 270 - Interviewing and the Helping Relationship


Psyc 330 - Research Methods II


Psyc 335 - Learning & Cognition


Psyc 340 - Behavior Disorders


Choose one brain and behavior course: Psyc 261 - Introduction to Biopsychology OR Psyc 305 - Psychopharmacology


Choose one statistics course: Psyc 223 - Applied Statistics for the Social Sciences OR Math 130 - Introductory Statistics


Choose one developmental psychology course: Psyc 220 - Lifespan Developmental Psychology OR Psyc 310 - Child and Adolsecent Psychology OR Psyc 320 - Psychology of Adult Development & Aging


Choose one clinical/counseling psychology course: Psyc 351 - Psychological Testing OR Psyc 352 - Group Dynamics OR Psyc 421 - FamilyTherapy OR Psyc 422 - Theories of Counseling; Psyc 424 - Motivational Interviewing


Choose one advanced experience: Psyc 487 - Psychology Internship OR Psyc 489 - Advanced Research


Psyc 499 - Psychology Capstone
Total Credits



*In addition to the requirements for the psychology major listed here, students also complete additional requirements for the Core Curriculum, Bachelors of Science, and final degree requirements. Students should refer to their undergraduate catalog for their specific requirements.

Sample Four-Year Plan for Psychology Majors

Make the most of your Viterbo education by charting a course from start to finish. Stay organized, stay in touch with your advisor, and stay on track. In due time, you will be planning the date of your graduation.

Other tips worth noting:

  • Four-year plans can change; always consult the catalog in effect upon your entry to Viterbo for the most current information regarding your program
  • Certain courses have specific rotations and are not offered regularly; your advisor can assist you to assure you stay in the proper sequence
  • Broaden your prospective and deepen your experience. Use your elective courses to try something new and different, and explore options for delaring a minor.

Psychology & Substance Abuse Counseling Minor Requirements

The Psychology Department also offers minors in Psychology and Substance Abuse Counseling.