Program Reviews

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Graduate Committee Membership

The review of graduate academic programs at Viterbo University is under the supervision of the Graduate Council. The committee is comprised of a representative from each graduate program, the Director of Graduate Admissions, and the Chair of Graduate Council.

Committee Members

  • Jeannette Armstrong, Graduate Education
  • Scott Mihalovic, WI Education Leadership
  • Carol Page, representing IA Ed Leadership and MAE
  • Carol Hines, Cross Categorical
  • Susie Hughes, MAE
  • Mary Ellen Stolder, Graduate Nursing
  • Deb Murray, Graduate Counseling
  • Karen Gibson, Graduate Nutrition & Dietetics
  • Dale Krageschmidt, Graduate Business
  • Terresa Bubbers, Graduate Business
  • Magy Kellogg, Director of Graduate Admissions
  • Timothy Schorr, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs (chair/facilitator)