Viterbo Values 

What makes Viterbo and the education we provide so special? We answer that question in a new visibility campaign which recently debuted in newspaper and on television and billboards. Appropriately titled Viterbo Values, the campaign focuses on the powerful virtues and values commonly associated with Viterbo. For an aspiring pianist, it's about dedication; for a graduate off to medical school, it's academic excellence;  for a nurse, compassion. In all, print ads, billboards, and television spots will be carrying a powerful message regarding the help and hope that Viterbo offers to our students.

Stay tuned. There's more to come as we share our story which is tied very intentionally, to our 2008–2013 strategic plan. Please let me know your thoughts (, and in particular, if you feel the campaign is successful in exemplifying the role that Viterbo plays in the lives of students, individuals, and the community.