President’s Column

Board of Trustees Actions Oct. 6

At the fall meeting of the Board of Trustees the following actions were taken. The board:

  • approved the proposal for a new tuition remission plan for nursing faculty to enroll in Viterbo’s DNP program.

  • approved the authorization to transfer $400,000 from the quasi-endowment for the purchase and installation of the new chiller for the Fine Arts Center; approved the authorization for payment of $125,000 for contract services (not compensation) to Gundersen Health System for the services of the interim dean, college of nursing, health, and human behavior.

  • accepted the audited financial statements for 2013-2014.

  • approved the 2014-2015 operating budget. The adjustments from the preliminary budget amounted to a decrease in income and expenditures of $1,645,000.

  • approved a resolution for 100 percent commitment to annual giving and a $200,000 goal for the Annual Trustee Opportunity Fund.

A diverse group of students who are military veterans joined the trustees for dinner. Our conversations were enriching and the venue provided the university the opportunity to thank these students for their military service. During my conversations with most of the students during the reception, I learned they are very satisfied with their experiences at Viterbo, especially the personal attention from faculty and the services received throughout the university. I learned from one student that her absences from class for reserve duty training (accompanied by military orders) resulted in her being penalized for absences on several occasions. I trust these are isolated instances but I encourage all faculty to be accommodating to our military veterans under such circumstances. The university’s policy in regards to military deployment states:

“If the deployment is short term or mandatory training (begins and ends during the term): In consultation with the faculty members and dean or department chair, every effort will be made to accommodate the short term absence.”

Faculty Scholarship

Kudos to the dozens of faculty who displayed, discussed, or presented results of their scholarship at the Celebration of Faculty Scholarship Day Oct. 2. The university salutes your scholarly work: David Bauer, Matthew Bersagel Braley, Susan Cosby Ronnenberg, Emily Dykman, Lynda Fernholz, Scott Gabriel, Robyn Gaier, David Gardiner, Mary Lu Gerke, Larry Harwood, Mary Ellen Haupert, Jason Howard, Jesus Jambrina, Keith Knutson, Becky Liebert, Michael Lopez-Kaley, Vee Luz, Beth Marzoni, Kimberly Nelson, Colleen Paramesh, David Saunders-Scott, Ted Wilson, and Michael Wodzak.  Special thanks to Lynda Fernholz and Kirsten Gabriel for their efforts in coordinating the event.

Pax et Bonum,

Rick Artman