Pre-health Professions

About Pre-Health Professions

Viterbo University offers a pre-health advising program for dentistry, chiropractic, medicine, optometry, pharmacy, physical therapy, physician assistant, podiatry, and veterinary medicine. Other health careers are possible with the proper curriculum planning with your pre-health advisor. All of the pre-professional programs help students meet the science requirements of the specific graduate programs.

There is some variation in the course requirements at different schools, particularly in the specific biology and math courses required. Therefore, the requirements of the individual professional school of interest should be examined. For more information on the pre-health advising program, see the pre-professional handbook.

In addition to completing the required sciences courses, a student should work toward a bachelor’s degree, even though only two or three years of pre-health training are planned. Although each student is free to choose from any Viterbo University major, Viterbo University has identified majors in biochemistry, biology, chemistry, and natural sciences that satisfy the pre-professional admission requirements of most schools in a four year major sequence. Contact Ward Jones or 608-796-3462 for program details.