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Professional Practice Model and Nurse Perceptions: A Three Year Study

Nursing Research on the Green

2017 Abstract

Karen Hayter MS, RN (PhD Candidate) and Susan Stinson MSN, RN  – Gundersen Health System

  • Background:  Per research findings, organizations that have a professional practice model in place are better positioned to promote nursing empowerment. Work environments that are empowering can assist nurses to be innovative and effective clinicians. Gundersen Health System's (GHS) professional practice model is the Nursing Professional Framework. 
  • Significance:  Healthcare organizations are fast paced with continual change. In such an environment, high quality patient care depends on a nursing workforce that is empowered to provide care according to professional nursing standards. 
  • Purpose/objective:  The purpose of this study is to evaluate nurse empowerment, nurses' self-care, and nurse turnover in the practice setting after implementation of a Nursing Professional Framework. 
  • Methods/project:  Three year repeated cross-sectional, mixed method study consisting of focus groups and a survey. Inclusion criteria consisted of nurses at the patient side (hospital and clinic) who completed education related to the Nursing Professional Framework. 
  • Results:  Nurse's perception of empowerment statistically increased between 2014 and 2016 (p=0.0033). Watson Caritas Self-Rating scores statistically increased between 2014 and 2016 (p=0.017).  GHS 2016 nurse turnover rate (11.1%) was lower than the national average (17.2%). 
  • Clinical implications:  Research at GHS supports the literature: organizations with a professional practice models are better positioned to promote nurse empowerment. Nurses with higher perception of empowerment have higher Watson Caritas Self-rating scores. Nurse turnover rate at GHS is lower than the national average.  

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