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Peri operative assessment, prevention and management of dental trauma during anesthesia

Nursing Research on the Green

2012 Abstract

Lisa Golden, B.S.N., RN; Justin Maslowski, B.S.N., B.S.I.E., RN
Mayo Clinic Health System-Franciscan Healthcare School of Nurse Anesthesia

  • Background: During an anesthetic anesthesia providers frequently manipulate oral structures and have potential to cause damage.
  • Significance: The most common claim in anesthia related litigation is dental damage. Furthermore, there are health risks involved with dental damage.
  • Purpose/objective: This review aims to identify tools to assess, prevent and manage cases of dental damage.
  • Methods: A review of the current anesthesia literature will be performed.
  • Results: Anesthesia involves a risk of dental damage and should be addressed.
  • Clinical Implications: Dental damage can cause patient dissatisfaction as well as serious health concerns.

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