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2012 Abstract

Peter Kucharas, RN BSN and Adam Krause, RN BSN
Franciscan Skemp School of Nurse Anesthesia

  • Background: Dexmedetomidine is an excellent alternative to other anesthetic agents due to its ability to maintain blood pressure and spontaneous ventilation.
  • Significance: Health care providers are faced with a patient population that is increasingly overweight. This increase in the BMI of adults and children causes significant difficulty in pre/intra/and post operative care of the surgical patient. These factors are major contributors to anesthetic concerns intraoperatively and dexmedetomidine allows for lessening those concerns due to the maintenance of spontaneous ventilation.
  • Purpose/objective: Educating health care professionals on the benefits of using dexmedetomidine in the obese patient.
  • Methods: A literature review will be performed to compile evidence of the efficacy of dexmedetomidine.
  • Results: The results of this literature review will show the superiority of utilizing dexmedetomidine in the obese patient.
  • Clinical Implications: These findings will help guide anesthetic practice in our increasingly overweight patient population by providing anesthesia professionals with current dexmedetomidine information.

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