Pi Phi Chapter

2016 Abstracts

Nursing Research on the Green

The First 24 hours Post-Stroke: Improving Timeliness of Blood Pressure Monitoring and Neurologic Assessment Completion
Amy E. Barna, MSN, RN, CNL
Additional Authors:
Jacelyn McKee, BSN, RN
Heather Pronschinske, RN
Nick Kjos, BS
Gundersen Health System

Creating A Culture of Teamwork
Tracey Benedict, BSN, RN
Additional Authors:
Dana Check, MSN, RN, CNL
Kari Hamson-Kalis, MSN, RN, CNL, OCN
Gundersen Health System

Current Practice in Obstetric Patients with Substance Abuse: Status and Nursing Implications Beyond One-year Postpartum
Danielle Branham, BSN Student
Additional Authors:
Ann Falkenberg Olson, PhD, CNP, FAANP
Dawn Steffes
Jean Colburn, BSN, RN
Kathleen Warner, BSN, MSN
Gundersen Medical Foundation and Viterbo University

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: Traditional and Alternative Options
Emily Brigham, RN MSN/FNP student
Viterbo University

Cultural Humility: Exploring the Missing Link to Improve Cultural Care
Kristine Brink, MSN, PMHNP-BC, DNP Candidate
Viterbo University

Venous Port Video Education Model: A Quality Improvement Project
Christina Carney, APRN, MSN, CNP, Doctoral Candidate
Viterbo University

Intraoperative Methadone Use as an Analgesic Adjunct 
Jacob Clements, BSN, RN, SRNA
Additional Author:
JoElla Ewert, BSN, RN, SRNA
Mayo Clinic Health System - Franciscan Healthcare School of Anesthesia

Pain Boards: Working to Change the Patient Perspective
Katie Cook BSN, RN
Additional Authors:
Beth Krage MSN, RN, CNL
Kate Parks, MS, RN
Kendra Reynolds, BSN, RN
Gundersen Health System

The Neonatal Nurse Practioner as Surgeon
Lynn Dahlen, RNC-NIC
Additional Authors:
Shawn Dunlap, NNP-BC
Theresa Heise,NNP-BC
Renee Muellenberg, NNP-BC
Jennifer Richards, NNP-BC
Jennifer Walden, NNP-BC
Dennis Costakos, MD
Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, Division of Neonatology, Department of Pediatrics
Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN; Mayo Clinic Health System, La Crosse, WI

Shaken Baby Syndrome: Are We Doing Enough
Amanda DeNault, MS, RN, PNP
Gundersen Health System

Laryngeal Mask Airway Use During Outpatient Laparoscopic Procedures
Katie Divyak, BSN, RN, SRNA
Additional Author:
Heidi Inabnit, BSN, RN, SRNA
Mayo Clinic Healthcare System - Franciscan Healthcare

Effects of Preoperative Education on Psychological Distress After Mastectomy: A Systematic Review
Suzanne E. Downing, RN
Additional Authors:
Khira L. Ahmed-Yahia, RN
Tammi J. Albrecht, RN
Abigail J. Cannariato, RN
Megan R. Foss, RN
Diana E. Henry, RN
Mary Hitchcock
Elisa Torres, PhD, RN
University of Wisconsin - Madison: School of Nursing

Animal Assisted Therapy Education for the Health Care Professional
Kathryn Dries, Nursing Student
Winona State University

Childhood Obesity
Allison Ewing, BSN, RN, MSN/FNP Student
Viterbo University

Perception of Nursing Research Utilization among Attendees at a Nursing Research Conference
Ann Falkenberg Olson, PhD, CNP, RN
Additional Authors:
Cynthia Cassellius, MSN, RN
Rosemarie Hoff, DNP, RN, CNE
Charlene Hopkins, MSN, RN, CNE
Dawn Steffes
Mary Ellen Stolder, PhD, RN, ANP-BC
Delayne Vogel, MSN, RN, CNE
Gundersen Health System, Viterbo University, Western Technical College

Management of Recurrent Bladder Infections
Alyssa Haefer, BSN, RN, MSN family nurse practitioner student
Viterbo University

Probiotics: Evidenced based use in Antibiotic Associated Diarrhea
Kimberly Herman, BSN, RN, MSN/FNP Student
Viterbo University

Caring for Vulnerable Older Adults: A Collaboration with Local Law Enforcement Agencies
Erin A. Knadle, BSN, RN, DNP Candidate
Additional Author:
Mary Ellen Stolder, PhD
Viterbo University

A New Threat to the Healthcare Workforce: Don't Just Sit There
Kathryn Koehne, DNP,RN-BC, C-TNP
Gundersen Health System

Demonstrate the benefits of using lift equipment for Safely Handling Patients
Edie Kubicek, BSN, RN, CSPHA
Additional Author:
Ruth Dregne, BSN, RN, CSPHA
Gundersen Health System

An exploration of life story and its use in healthcare and student nurse education
Sara Laker PhD, RN
Additional Authors:
Amy Koehler PhD, RN
Rebecca Starkweather, BSN Student
Emily Wannow, BSN Student
Carli Wojcik, BSN Student
Winona State University

Learn More at 4: Setting Time to Improve
Cindy Langaard, BSN, RN
Additional Authors:
Beth Krage MSN, RN, CNL
Melissa Miller, BSN, RN
Gundersen Health System

Frailty a Predictor of Late-Life Depression
Leslie Las RN, DNP Student
Viterbo University

Lidocaine Infusion for Perioperative Pain Management
Hang Noland RN, BSN, SRNA
Additional Author:
Jordan Tully RN, BSN, SRNA
Franciscan Healthcare School of Anesthesia

Remifentanil PCA for Labor Analgesia
Thane Nothem, BSN, RN, SRNA
Additional Author:
Sam Southard, BSN, RN, SRNA
Franciscan Healthcare School of Anesthesia

Improving Critical Thinking Skills for Nursing Students - Project Update
Linda J. Rauch, MSN, RN, BS Ed
Western Technical College

Nurse Empowerment as Related to a Professional Practice Model
Susan Stinson, MSN, RN
Additional Author:
Karen Hayter, MS, RN, PhD Candidate
Gundersen Health System

Malignant Hyperthermia- decreasing detection to treatment time
Corey Strahm, SRNA
Additional Author:
Michael Sanders, SRNA
Franciscan Healthcare School of Anesthesia

Implementation of a point of care test for conjunctivitis to improve antibiotic stewardship:  A pilot project            
Kalie R. Townsend, MSN, APRN, CNP
Viterbo University

Utilization of Shared Medical Visits to Improve Self-Management Outcomes in Hispanic Patients with Diabetes
Dawn Udenberg MSN, APRN, CNP DNP Student
Viterbo University

The Use of Probiotics in the Treatment and Prevention of Bacterial Vaginosis
Meagan Vlasek, BSN, RN
Viterbo University

Postpartum Depression in Primary Care
Jacqueline Wanek, BSN, RN
Viterbo University

Abuse of Prescription Stimulants Among College Students
Christina Ware, Nursing Student
Winona State University