Pi Phi Chapter

2014 Abstracts

Nursing Research on the Green

Teaching Strategies to Promote Quality Caring in Millennial Nursing Students
Jane E. Clobes, BSN, RN, Graduate Nursing Student
Viterbo University

Utilizing High-Fidelity Patient Simulation to Transfer Self-Confidence to the Authentic Clinical Environment
Alison R. Doering, BSN, RN, Graduate Nursing Student
Viterbo University

Decreasing Alarm Fatigue:  Best Practices
Pamela Ebel, BSN, RN
Viterbo University

Being Sure: Dimensions of a Woman’s Experience of Inevitable Miscarriage
Jo K. Glasser, PhD, MBA, MS
Additional Authors: 
Maria E. Sundaram, MSPH
Gundersen Health System

Therapy-Related Symptom Checklist Use During Treatments at a Cancer Center
Kathleen Graham, MS, BSN, APNP-BC, CNS
Additional Authors:
Deborah Storlie, RN, NC
Phoebe Williams, PhD, RN, FAAN
Therese Pedace, BSN, RN
Kurt Haefliger, BS
David Williams, MPH
Diane Otte, MS, RN, OCN
Jeff Sloan, PhD
Arthur Williams, PhD, MA, MPA
University of Kansas - Kansas City; Mayo Clinic Health System - Franciscan Healthcare; Mayo Clinic – Rochester; Children's Mercy Hospital and Clinics - Kansas City, MO; University of South Florida - Tampa

Evidenced-Based Strategies To Reduce Length of Stay In Persons Undergoing A Total Knee Replacement: Four Key Variables
Shelly Hass BSN, RN, Graduate Nursing Student
Additional Author:
Bonnie Nesbitt PhD, ANP-BC, Project Advisor
Viterbo University

Organizational Results of a National Caring Study
Karen Hayter, MS, RN
Additional Author:
Dawn Steffes, Research Associate
Gundersen Health System

Rural Residents’ Experiences of Discharge Teaching Following Cardiac Surgery
Jennifer Hedrick-Erickson, MSN, RN
Additional Authors:
Martha Scheckel, PhD, RN
Debra Stieve, DNP, RN
Viterbo University (presenter)

Flipping the Classroom to Improve Student Learning Outcomes
Robin Haugh, BSN, RN
Viterbo University

Comparing Patient Handoff Structures to Explore Communication Error Risk
Shannon Hulett, MSN, CNL, RN
Gundersen Health System

Implementation of a Dedicated Education Unit
Melanie K. Johnson, DNP, RN
Additional Authors:
Jessica A. Smith, BSN, RN
Cynthia Jones, MS, RN
Rachel Genz, MSN, RN
Winona State University & Mayo Clinic Health System Franciscan Healthcare

Opioid Induced Hyperalgesia:  Perioperative and Postoperative Implications
Alex Knudsen, BSN, SRNA; Ben Logan, BSN, SRNA
Mayo Clinic Health System - Franciscan Healthcare - School of Nurse Anesthesia

Liposomal Bupivacaine for Post-Operative Analgesia
Kate La Francois, BSN, RN
Additional Author:
Maggie Van Abel, RN BSN
Mayo Clinic Health System – Franciscan Healthcare – School of Anesthesia

Prescription Opioids for Chronic Non-cancer Pain.  Evidence based practice for use of screening tools for risk reduction
Tamara J. Luoma, BSN, RN
Viterbo University & Gundersen Health System

Improved Interdisciplinary Awareness of Bowel Movement Status through Electronic Medical Record Transformation
Ashley Mlodzik BSN, RN
Additional Author:
Shannon Hulett MSN, RN, CNL
Gundersen Health System

Fire Prevention/Management in the Operating Room
David Navarro, BSN, RN
Matthew Walker, BSN, RN
Mayo Clinic Health System – Franciscan Healthcare – School of Anesthesia

Community Health: Tertiary Prevention in High Risk Readmission Patients
Shirley Newberry, PhD, RN
Additional Authors:
Shannon Hulett, CNL, RN
Lois Tucker, RN, CC
Jennifer Topor, SN
Janelle Dekan, SN
Katherine Hass, SN
Dani Bachmann, SN
Winona State University & Gundersen Health System

Vasoplegic Syndrome in Patients Undergoing General Anesthesia Secondary to Chronic ACE Inhibitor Therapy
Jamie Ortiz, BSN, RN
Jennifer Schmitt, BSN, RN
Mayo-Franciscan School of Nurse Anesthesia, UW-L

Physical Activity in Sedentary Worksite Population
Shayna Pankratz, BSN, UW-Madison DNP student
Teresa Pulvermacher, MSN, NP-C
Logistics Health Incorporated

Adjustment to Recurrent Ovarian Cancer in Older Adults
Julie Ponto, PhD, RN, ACNS-BC, AOCNS
Winona State University – Rochester

Collaborative nursing leadership: Education in action
Julie Ponto, PhD, RN, CNS, ACNS-BC, AOCNS®
Additional Authors:  
Jacqueline Puppe, MSN, RN
Sherry Wolf, MS, RN, CNS, ACNS-BC, AOCNS®
Anna Myburgh, MS, RN
Michel Benz, MS, RN
Diane Forsyth, PhD, RN
Winona State University-Rochester & Mayo Clinic-Rochester

End-of-Life Perspectives: Nursing Students' Reflections Regarding Experiences with Older Adults
Amy B. Reitmaier, PhD, RN 
Jullian Bodden
Christopher Leck
Additional Authors:
Maureen K. Gerson, DNP, RN
Winona State University

Detection, Treatment and Referral of Perinatal Depression Using Defined Algorithms for Care
Ana Schaper, PhD, RN
Xiaozan Anderson, Summer Nurse Research Fellow
Additional Authors:
Dawn Steffes, Research Associate
Gundersen Health System

Lean Informatics
Laura L. Skaife, BS, MS, PMP, PfMP, MOT
Additional Author:
June Moen, BS
Mayo Clinic

The Importance of Nurse Mentorship in the Retention of New Graduate Nurses: The Role of the Clinical Nurse Educator
Megan E. Smith, MSN, RN
Viterbo University

Massive Blood Transfusion: Indications and Management
Zach Southard RN, BSN
Additional Author:
Josh Bootz RN, BSN
Mayo Clinic Health System – Franciscan Healthcare – School of Anesthesia

Healthcare Professional Students' Perceptions of Interprofessional Education
Heidi Stalsberg, BSN, RN, Graduate Nursing Student
Viterbo University

Creating Individual Paths of Professional Development: A New Nursing Professional Framework
Susan Stinson, MSN, RN
Additional Authors:
Jill Blackbourn, RN
Ana Schaper, PhD, RN
Gundersen Health System

Fidelity to a Theory Model in a Multisite Long Term Care Clinical Trial
Mary Ellen Stolder, PhD, RN
Additional Authors:
Janet K. Specht, PhD, RN, FAAN
Paula Mobily, PhD, RN
Ann Bossen, PhD, RN
Kari R. Lane, PhD, RN
Jae-Eun Russell, PhD
David Reed, PhD
Viterbo University (presenter)

School Based Health Clinic: Increasing Access to Care for Children in Rural Areas
Stacie Strong, BSN, RN, DNP-PNP Student
Gundersen Health System & University of Iowa

Conflict Skill Building in a Nurse Residency Program
Stephanie Swartz, MA, RN
Additional Authors:
Rebecca Inglis, MSN, RN
Ana Schaper, PhD, RN
Gundersen Health System

The Impact of Nutrient Content Claim Education on Eating Choices and Measurements of Dietary Fat Consumption in Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and Prevention Patients
Susan Zeller, DNP, RN, ACNP
Additional Authors:
Carrie Spier, MS, RN
Kent Hansen,PhD
Janet Macon, MS, RD, LD
Teresa Lee, MS
Tisha Hooks, PhD
Winona State University