Pi Phi Chapter

2013 Abstracts

Nursing Research on the Green

Assessing the Effects of Two Self-Care Techniques on Care Efficacy Levels in Allied Healthcare Staff
Judith Aufenthie, PhD, RN; Tracy Coleman, RN
Additional Authors:
Camilla Jaekel, PhD, RN; Vitctoria Alleman, RN; Monica Brown, RN; Rachael Duster, RN; Kathleen Graham, RN, CNS; Chirs Hedierscheit, RN; Debra Herbert, RN; Ramona Johnson, RN; Betty Jorgenson, MSN, RN; Therese Pedace, RN; Rose Hoff, DNP, RN; Deborah Stefan, RN; Susan Van Cleave, RN (Mayo Clinic Health System- Franciscan Health Care); Ann Olson, PhD, RN (Winona State University)

Stroke Rounds: An Organizational Approach to Core Measures Improvement
Amy Barna, MS, RN; Mandi Counters, MSN, FNP-BC, APNP, RN, CNRN; Beth Krage, BSN, RN
Gundersen Lutheran

Assessing the Anxiolytic Effects of Self-Selected Music for Patients Undergoing Electrophysiology
Pamela Brose, RN; Dawn Paletta, RN
Additional Authors:
Camilla Jaekel, PhD, RN
Mayo Clinic Health System-Franciscan Healthcare

Wellness In The Workplace
Maryanne Clark, DNP, RN, FNP-BC
Gundersen Lutheran

Conflict Skill Building in a Nurse Residency Program
Erica Ericksen, BSN, RN
Additional Authors:
Rebecca Inglis, MSN, RN; Stephanie Swartz, MS, RN; Ana Schaper, PhD, RN
Gundersen Lutheran Health System

Pointing the Finger at Bone Density Screening: Device Reliability for Central Bone Density Testing Referrals
Ann C. Falkenberg Olson, PhD, CNP, CCD, FAANP
Winona State University-Rochester

Creating a Healing Space: A Journey of Intention and Engagement
Jeremiah Galván, RN, BSN
Gundersen Health System

Investigating the presence of family burden, family pondering and family struggling in a sample of families managing chronic illness: A measure validation study
Robert A. Goodew B.S.N., RN
Additional Authors:
Emily Isaacson B.S.N., RN;Janice Miller, B.S.N.,RN;Sonja J. Meiers,Ph.D., RN
Winona State University


Implementation of a Facilitated Advance Care Planning Process in an Assisted Living Facility
Nancy A. Hall, MS, RN
Additional Authors:
Carole Jenson, DNP, RN, ACNS-BC, CCRN
Winona State University

Improving Transitions of Care and Reducing Readmissions – A Clinical Nurse Leader/Student Nurse Partnership
Andrea Hauser, MSN, RN Clinical Nurse Leader Shannon Hulett, MSN, RN Clinical Nurse Leader Amanda Hardy, Student Nurse Michelle Tentis, Student Nurse
Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center and University of Wisconsin-Western Campus

Creating space for an Open Dialogue on Generational Conflict Between New Nurses and Wisdom Workers
Karen Hayter MS, RN
Additional Authors:
Jill Blackbourn, RN; Rebecca Inglis MSN, RN; Ana Schaper PhD, RN;
Gundersen Lutheran Helath System

Shaping Patient Education in Rural Hospitals: Learning from the Experiences of Patients First
Jennifer Hedrick-Erickson, MSN, RN
Additional Authors:
Martha Scheckel, PhD, RN; Jamie Teunis, BSN, RN; Ashley Deutsch, BSN, RN; Anna Roers, BSN, RN; Anne Willging, BSN, RN; and Kelly Pittman, BSN, RN
Viterbo University and Michigan State University

Orthognathic Surgery
Chester F. Hilton RN BSN
Gundersen Lutheran Health System

Implementation of a Peer Mentoring Program in an Associate Degree Nursing Program
Charlene C. Hopkins, MSN, RN, CNE
Western Technical College

A Case Study Investigating the Development, Implementation, and Perceptions of Transformational Leadership Practices of the Clinical Nurse Leader
Beth Smith Houskamp Ph.D., RN
Gundersen Lutheran 

Online Learning: Hazardous Exposures in the Workplace
Mary C. Jahangir JD MSN RN
Viterbo University

Patients' Perceptions of Nursing Care: Essential Oils as a Caring, Healing Modality
Jennifer Jordan, BSN, RN; Denise Nicholson, RN; Jill Blackbourn, RN
Additional Authors:
Ana Schaper, PhD, RN; and Dawn Steffes, Research Associate
Gundersen Lutheran

From Chaos to Coherence: Embracing the art and science of Heart Math
Jackie Kakuska, MS, RN and Jill Blackbourn, RN
Gundersen Lutheran


High Risk Transitional Care: Implementation of a Follow-up Phone Call Process
Danielle Miller MSN, RN, CNL
Gundersen Health System

An Interpretive Study of Undergraduate Students' Experiences of Assessing Suicidal Ideation
Kimberly Nelson MSN,RN Martha Scheckel PhD,RN
Viterbo University and Michigan State University

Civility in Nursing Education
Shirley Newberry, PhD, RN
Additional Authors:
Ana Schaper, PhD, RN Dawn Steffes, Research Associate
Gundersen Lutheran, Winona State University

Achieving Sustainability for a Health Outreach Traveling Service
Amy Reitmaier RN, PhD
Additional Authors:
Georgia Stumpf; Megan Isackson; Carrie Spier RN, MS
Winona State University


Impact of a Stand-Alone Course in Gerontological Nursing on Student Nurses' Intentions to Work with Older Adults
Amy Reitmaier PhD, RN
Auditional Authors:
Kayla Hongerholt BS Susan Davies PhD, RN
Winona State University

An Educational Intervention Addressing Nurses' Cultural Competence
Stacey Rosenberg, MS, CNE, RN
Winona State University

The Impact of High Fidelity Simulation on Situational Awareness of Cardiac Related Obstetric Emergencies in Novice Nurses
Kristin Schams DNP student, MSN, RN, CNE
Additional Authors:
Matthew Byrne PhD, RN; Camilla Jaekel PhD, RNMayo Clinic Health System-Franciscan Healthcare and Viterbo University School of Nursing


The Science of Music as Medicine
Ana Schaper, PhD,RN
Additional Authors:
Shannon Spies Ingersoll, DNP,CRNA,RN; Dawn Steffes, Research Associate
Gundersen Lutheran Health System

Decisional Involvement: Actual and Preferred Involvement in Decision-Making Among Registered Nurse
Cindy A. Scherb, PhD, RN
Additional Authors:
Jamey S. Bina, MS, RN Maria K. Schomburg, BSN, RN Lindsay A. Tippetts, BSN, RN Janet P. Specht, PhD, RN, FAAN Tamara Schwichtenberg, MS, RN
Winona State University

An Interprofessional Approach: Emphasis on Education and Collaboration
Susan K. Stinson, M.S.N, RN
Additional Authors:
Becky Inglis, M.S.N, RN; Ana Schaper, Ph.D., RN; Melissa Franz, Gundersen Lutheran Summer Research Fellow
Gundersen Lutheran Health System