Ethics Minor

The minor in ethics is a new offering from the religious studies/philosophy department that recognizes both the interdisciplinary nature of many moral problems as well as the value of ethical reasoning and ethical theory.

Employers state that moral decision-making is one of the most important skills that employees can have, yet this area is rarely recognized on transcripts and degrees as a specific area of competency. Given the importance of ethics and moral reasoning for the students’ own personal development, as well as its value for recognizing and resolving moral problems both in and out of the work place, having  a minor in ethics is a great way to prepare students to deal with the complexity of the real world.

More specifically, the minor in ethics teaches students:

  • to identify and break down complex moral problems
  • to work with others to find resolutions to contentious moral issues
  • to analyze different policies for consistency and fairness
  • to recognize the value of different moral traditions when clarifying an issue
  • to see the interdisciplinary character of many moral problems
  • to contemplate the larger meaning and purpose of their lives
  • to make transparent, defensible, and reliable ethical decisions
  • to identify discipline-specific moral problems and challenges