Colloquium 455
Grant T. Smith, Ph. D.
Discussion Questions: Refuge

Williams also said to Pearlman that she wanted to explore in her narratives how “intimacy with the land” enables people to be intimate with one another.“I’m interested in writing out of the body, the body of the Earth, and what that form might take regarding language and story.I want to see how we might redefine the erotic, how an erotics of place might lead to a politics of place.”

If you are familiar with feminist swcholars Luce Irigaray and Helene Cixous, comment on how Williams reflects their notions of l’ecriture feminine.If you are not familiar with French feminism, comment on Williams’s “feminine” style of writing.Did you enjoy it?Is it representative of women’s discourse?Or is it representative only of Williams’s discourse?