Definition of Plagiarism


(from Viterbo University Student Planner and Handbook, 2001-2002)

 “Plagiarism includes but may not be limited to the intentional use of another person’s work, words, or ideas as your own without acknowledging the source in order to gain improperly from the use of the source. Some ideas have such wide currency that all may use them freely; some words (clichés and proverbs) are public property. However, when a writer intentionally borrows from another, that borrowing must be acknowledged in an internal reference, indicating the source (author and title, as fitting) and following the appropriate conventions for such citations, as stipulated by the authoritative body of scholarship within a discipline of study.”


 See the section on “Academic Honesty” in the Student Planner and Handbook (pages 128 through 131) for examples of cheating, plagiarism, and falsification. See also the penalties for academic dishonest and the student’s rights of due process if he or she is accused of academic dishonesty.


 Click here for the English Department’s statement on plagiarism.




Some Helpful Plagiarism Resources on the Web


What Is Plagiarism and How to Recognize and Avoid It


Dick Ruppel, Ph. D., English, has provided the following URL plagiarism sites for individual disciplines.  You may find them helpful if you suspect someone of plagiarizing a paper in your class.


Nursing: http://essaypage.com/categories/141-006.html  

Biology: http://www.essaybank.co.uk/essays/3111.php  

Sociology: http://cfsp.koolhost.com/caryns_essay/  

History: http://www.essaysite.com/categories/088-002.html  

Psychology: http://www.12000papers.com/psychology.htm#Abnormal  
Psychology / Disorders  


Chemistry: http://www.freeessay.com/creative/Chemistry/Water.shtml  

Education: http://essaypage.com/categories/066-000.html  

Art History: http://faculty.washington.edu/rods/art_elusive.html  

English Literature: http://www.literatureclassics.com/essays/265/  

Music History: 

Mathematics: http://www.mathreports.com/categories/136-000.html  

Nutrition and Dietetics: 


Religious Studies: