La Crosse Public Library’s
Teen Book Club
Walk Two Moons
Discussion Questions
  1. In the first chapter, Sal states, “…that beneath Phoebe’s story was another one. Mine.” How does Phoebe’s story help us understand Sal’s story? How are their stories similar? How are they different?
  2. Sal loved her grandparents dearly and felt that they were very special. What made them so special to her? How did they help her understand her story throughout their trip?
  3. When Sal’s class is asked to draw their souls in 15 seconds, Sal and Ben draw identical pictures. Why do you think each chooses the symbol of “a circle with a large maple leaf in the center…” (130)? What do Sal and Ben have in common that might cause them to see their souls in similar ways?
  4. What is Sal’s father’s relationship with Margaret Cadaver? What is really Margaret’s story? Why do you think Sal created another story for Margaret?
  5. “In the course of a lifetime, there were some things that mattered” (260). What does Sal think those things are? What do you think they are?
  6. Considering the title of the book, whose moccasins was Sal walking in? Why was that important for Sal to do? How did it help her understand her mother’s decision to leave?
  7. Sal has a unique and meaningful name and there are other names in the story that have meaning as well. How are these names meaningful in this story?
  8. Did you expect the story to end as it did? Why or why not? Why do you think the author created ambiguity around Sal’s missing mother?